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About Erin


I'm Erin.

In this phase of my life I hesitate to even define what I am, but I can say, I know I'm here to grow, and I know I'm here to be of aide. As to the nature of "how" these things happen, I've stopped trying to map, or control. But my eyes are ever looking upwards and inwards, for how I can best be of service, to myself, others, and to this planet.


My heart is for healthy community, so you'll likely find my creations encircling that end.

There's much I could say about the events of my life that have led me to this moment, but that too, will crumble into story by the next time I update this website! 

Feel free to check out my education and training page for some insight into the pragmatic actions and learnings that help to create the container for some of this work.


Whatever's worth it's salt in what I offer, or create, is nothing I can take credit for anyways.  I am here as a spiritual peer, and a Divine witness to this journey called Life.

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Erin is Quite simply put: AMAZING !!! As a healer, intuitive, mystic, and body worker extraordinaire!


I trust her with my sensitive body, my open heart and processing of emotions. Her deep knowing and sensitivity supports me, sees me and heals me. I am blessed to know her and honored to share sacred space with her. She is extremely gifted. I highly recommend Erin. Everyone loves her.

Vickie M. Fairchild



A session with Erin is a totally delightful experience every single time and I’ve been going for years. It’s the insight into my total being that she always seems to have telling me more about myself than I knew when I arrived both mentally and physically.


I’m twice her age, but I continue to be impressed by her wisdom which is way beyond her years. She has and will always be an important part of my life.

Frank Klaus



🐛I am transformed!🦋
I’m down into my lower legs, some. I just kind of skip-hopped across the studio…loving that stretch you showed stepping out on my right heel and then turning toward it.


I will get this!


I’m inspired …and I think it’s adding years to my life.

Donna Lynn Strong Brott, LAc



Erin is part of my self care routine. If for whatever reason I fall out of routine in appointments, the negative self talk takes over until a birdie reminds me that I need to see my embodiment coach, Erin.


She creates a safe place where all of me can show up, express whatever emotion or story is ready to be witnessed and through example guides me home to my true essence. You model what it would be like to unconditionally love myself.

Liz Kitchell

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