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Beliefs are not Self

For a long time, I had to believe in commitment, in order to validate what some fierce part of me was experiencing as “true”. 

With the force of righteousness, I had to believe in past and future lives, in the multidimensional systems of karma, in order to validate what some ancient part of me was remembering as “real”. 

For many years, I had to believe that someone outside of me could completely break me and make me loose my will to live; I believed deeply in blame and harmfulness, in order to validate what an old pattern within me was experiencing; separation. 

Somehow, now, after all the beliefs I’ve believed in, and experiencing how their fervor naturally dissipates at some appointed time, I’m inclined to believe that no belief is permanent; 

I’m resting and laughing in a way I never formerly believed, I could. 

I know now that beliefs have their timing and are intimate partners with particular processes. 

And though they are not who I am, 

and they do not define me, 

I bow to them for the semblance of safety they seemed to gain me, as I was processing what I was. 

I am grateful now to Be the Space 

that doesn’t have to believe in anything, really! 

There is an experience that I am Here.

And I am so good with (just) that! 

May all who desire it, 

know this Space, 

beyond belief.

You are Going to get to a point, where the felt sense of Fluidity, Magnificence, Joy of Aliveness, Effervescence and Peace will be a much Bigger and more Consistent Reality than the realm of “trying to secure”.  It will happen Naturally.  If you’re trying for it, you’re Not it.  Calm the mind (meditate) to make Space.  Your only job is to Make Space for what you truly Are; which is an aliveness that no thought could ever capture or define-or BE (and that is important to Feel.)  The parts that have been hurting and controlling and manipulating will find themselves Illumined.  They will then hurt and control and manipulate even More. Expect this without judgement.  It doesn’t mean you spiritually failed. That’s just another mass thoughtform that kept you from Being who you Truly Are.  The solid energies don’t WANT to be fluid.  Being solid helps them FEEL solid,  and Friends, none of this reality is even really solid. So, that’s a LOT of MASS FEAR Creating Reality.  Fear doesn’t have to be the thing creating our shared reality. So know, that when Soul naturally shines its consciousness through the solidified ego-field of the known,  the solid ego parts Will writhe and fight and resist.  This is when a lot of people become More Solid.  Witness this.  This is a paradigm shift.  It’s happening naturally. The solid parts will fight.  Solid parts make solid shapes in the body, and this is what we call tension or pain. However much pain or tension is in your body is a pretty good indicator of either what percentage of your being is solid (scared of the ultimate misbelief of separation it interprets from groundlessness) or,  there is so much Soul Presence in your field, illuminating what’s been made solid, that all the solid parts are beginning to feel the truth of what they are: separation consciousness (which naturally fears itself, so secured itself, by making itself more solid, to deny what it feels.) what a cycle to break through!!  The pain and tension THEN is ACTUALLY a HEALING that is in process.  For some, that process is a lifetime long.  Time doesn’t matter and doesn’t exist when the soul is liberating itself from the delusion of solidity. Only solidity categorizes and resists time.  Solid parts defend. Secure. Hoard. Judge. Feel righteous.  (I know, bc I have an enormous ego matrix in this life from many lifetimes of being and preferring to stay solid! It’s a privilege that we GET to confront all the parts that restrict and limit.)  No one gets out of this opportunity to meet their solid parts, so any form of competition or spiritual envy is just more solidity for you to see (the seeing, let’s it go.  Only when we resist it, do we become it, and it stays.  This process of “seeing without becoming” can happen 100,000 times before the ego “gets” how to  “let go of itself”.  This is nothing that can be explained, but it IS a natural function of Nature. The ego will beg for explanation-the begging is (actually) just an excuse for it to stay solid. It’s All Happening. ️ Feel the Expansion and the Blossoming of possibilities the mind could never conjure up.  You’ll know the truth of this the moment you experience it. The mind will want to know and then try to Mimic the feeling.  Be aware of this self deception.  Trust your OWN TIMING. You are a part of nature, like a flower, opening in your own time.  Don’t rush yourself.  All moments of the process are necessary.  Also, don’t self deceive by bottling the concept of “opening in your own timing” and making it solid in order to stay comfortable and safe. Soul feels like the whole body breathing without any restriction.  It feels like warmth and pleasure and delight-despite any circumstance.  Record this is your body.  The brain will update to having Soul “run the show”.  Ego WILL eventually calm and feel safe and set down its job as Inner judge.  It’s an amazing release, and it’s coming for you. ️ Just watch.  When am I open?  When am I closed?  Who is I?  (Repeat.)  You are being held and opened in Nature’s time; you Are Nature.  There IS mass deception and manipulation happening on and towards this planet. Watch.  Make choices from Soul if it’s online. Meditate to create spaciousness (a welcome mat for souls appearance)  If it’s not.  You’re in the right place.  Fear is not not spiritual. Fear is the gateway to Soul. We just didn’t have the courage yet to know ourselves beyond what ego could perceive or believe.  Time is moving us Beyond.  The fear is not you.  Don’t try to get through it. Don’t fear it.  It might feel like a cracking or a ripping; Who you are underneath who you thought you were us Being Revealed.  Celebrate this!  The Space Of limitlessness beyond ego preference is arriving!  It will look and feel different-but more Healthy and clean and productive.  Only the ego reaches backwards,  The soul belongs to ALL.  Love-

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