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Contemplation on Ethics.

If someone stepped outside of ethical boundaries in this society, when would you know when to “reel them back in”? By the ethics we've o-created, of course.

And what are ethics?

They are a man-made set of moral principles, made to guide our behavior.

But here’s the rub: they are man-made.

Our ethical boundaries will represent our shared level of awareness on life.

They will represent our experienced level of understanding on what it means to be human.

They will represent our experienced level of awareness on spirituality. (And more.)

Ethics mirror our shared experience.


If our ethics represent our shared experience, who are the people creating the ethics?

Are there other groups (or people) whose experiences are not accounted for within the principles/rules? Why might they not be included?

If a person steps outside of our societies ethical boundaries, there are other rules put into place to correct them-Rules that attempt to reflect the values within the ethics already set.

But what if one’s experience was never represented by the ethics in the first place?

Should they still be bound by the same rules? Why or why not?

(Was the inner voice that answered bound by ethics? Which ones? Whose?)

We are an ever-evolving species.

We are human beings, many of whom have experiences of not being wholly human. What then, of our shared ethics?

The soul operates outside of human ethics.

It might be said that there are a different set of ethics, for Soul.

That there are a different set of ethics for Over-Souls. Planets. Planetary systems. Different levels of consciousness. Different “rules” mirroring back appropriately, different “levels” of Life.

What would ethics look like if it actually considered the experiences of beings outside of the shared experience?

If we included the conscious experience of plants, or animals, before we discerned our shared morality and it’s rules?


If our ethics represent our shared experience, who are the people creating the ethics?

If we were to respect all of Life,

who might we ask to sit and consider our (new code of) ethics?

Blessing on Your Way!

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