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Do Not Act.

Do nothing.

When we are called to act, we could stand to pause-especially those of us that are constantly taking action.

There is perceived some outside threat, and we rush after it-ensuring we will rid ourselves-and life-of what it represents. “The war on______”; we are socially encouraged to Fight what hurts-and to deny that it hurts (so as to maintain a false sense of courage in the self, to avoid the reality of polarity in life.)

Big things are happening now. And the Ones who Always Act will continue to encourage you to. (It maintains their pattern to give you that advice, also-which is still maintaining a denial of the underlying pain that Senses the threat.)

It can be wise to not take advice from an unprocessed authority. By unprocessed I mean, their actions are stemming from reactivity, due to a nervous system shaping they’ve not yet been able to move beyond; they are not acting from their true Self. Their action then, on some level, is Controlled. It is controlled by the shape of old fear.

Those in the pattern of acting have done nothing wrong. There are inner calls. There are soul contracts. There are ways in which we deeply know a thing, that we can’t fully explain to another in human words. So action can come from these places too. Action can come from automatic impulse from the planetary movements...but action can also come from avoiding pain. Most Does.

So, Don’t act.

When you feel that flood of wanting to reshare that tweet of “a village person storming the capital”. Don’t act. Don’t push that creation on. Why not? Because we’re not fully clear on What exactly we’re pushing on, and why.

Someone has gone humorous around protesting. Someone’s nervous system cannot withstand the subtle and layered triggers it exposed within them, so humor-at the expense of another-and out of context with the levity of the situation, is applied.

Humor can become a hiding place for all of our unprocessed pain. And when someone else resonates with humor at the expense of other (this is called sarcasm) as justification to Do A Thing, well now we’ve got a little energetic wave of unprocessed emotions moving through our collective. (We have enormous waves moving through our collective constantly-and we keep playing a part in making them bigger when our actions are automated and unexcavated.)

If we study deflection, projection, triangulation, we gain some insight into what I’m pointing at here.

If we study polyvagal theory and trauma theory, we can more deeply understand.

This nation is unprocessed. We, as a people, are generally Acting from surface spaces of high-momentum, merely passing along the last ball someone else threw hastily out into space.

We can claim that we understand our Actions, because we have everybody’s else’s actions to justify our Own. But this is not true. Thus is also not clean. Group justification creates more separation. This is a lower stage of evolution then where we need to be, to actually Be Peaceful and Civil, as we say we desire. We are not embodying that which we say we want-we remain internally polarized and in denial of it, so, we keep perpetuating polarity, and pointing “outwards” at the “problem”. Look in the mirror Dear One-That Action stops the waves, and helps All. Personal Responsibility could be the new norm. What would that world be like?!

I propose, we Do Not Act.

This is not a space of laziness.

It actually requires more effort than Acting-and Much More Courage.

Consciously Not Acting means we get the jitters. That energy that we were so naturally keeping circulating from mass consciousness (at everyone’s negative expense) now is not being pushed away and forward by humor hiding judgement.

Now, that energy is vibrating intensely in front of us, agitating our field. Quickening our heart rate, pulling up unwelcome emotions, and generating thoughts that hurt. Welcome to (the level of) Self Responsibility. Few stay here, because that momentous reverberation of energy now before us confuses and challenges our nervous system to the max.

Don’t Act.

Watch it all. Your ego will be exposed. Your fears and doubts and insecurities will be seen and felt fully. They are not you. And if you believe they are, you’re playing a role in keeping the painful and less evolved waves circulating through our world.

Your motivations for why you incite humor hiding judgment will be clear- some part of you is terrified in there.

When we Act, we get temporary relief from having to let the energies of what’s being vehemently passed around without consideration work on us. Let them work on you.

When we Don’t Act, we come to Know Ourself-the ego architecture-and what’s behind it-because ego is gateway to Soul-and all the reasons that ego-and Soul-do what they do. Revelation.

As we see this, there is a nearly unconscious happening-we are no longer fully that ego. We are removing our Life Force, our “permission” from these incessant and unexcavated patterns of Acting. Though there are levels of pain and grief that arise from Not Acting, we are moving beyond unconscious action.

We are taking responsibility for our “ball of energy”

Vibrating into the world. We are coming out of denial-thereby able to see cleanly and easily, when someone else is in denial-or when a couple, or family, or a nation is. This is how we Change.

Not by Acting. By Not Acting.

And your ego will tell you that you have to change the outside to change the inside. Or that you can’t “just let this happen”.

But let’s pause there as an example. “I can’t just let this happen”. This is a thought. If you believe the thought, you’ve identified with it-which means-you’ve consistently fed it your life force-given it your “permission” to “represent you” in this world.

Those parts of information alone are innocent.

But, feel the vibration of this thought. “I can’t just let this happen”. Use your body’s neuroception (our unconscious ability to assess for risk, danger and safety, often outside of the realm of our awareness) as aide. Use your intuition as aide. Use your logic as aide. “I can’t just let this happen!” What do you FEEL?

A childlike voice. Up against opposition. Hopeless. Unable to defend. Desperate. Rageful. Broken but pretending to be strong. More desperation.


These thoughts have layers and layers of energy. These energies can be braided in, and built up, from different experiences of this life, of our ancestor’s lives, of our other lives.

This thought is Unstable, because it is wound up with too many unexcavated pieces to send out clear energy. Instead, it sends out the energies that embody it. (Maybe read that again.)

And this is what we do. And this is why Acting is not always effective. With our Action, comes years of, lifetimes of, braided in variances of emotion and trauma unrecognized, Unintegrated. We keep sending this out.

Now, this May all seem overwhelming. Nearly impossible to get ahead of. But those are more thoughts. And if you explore the vibration of those thoughts, we have more hopelessness, and most importantly, a vibration of Imposed Limits. So, this thought is imposing a limit on you. If you buy this thought, you’ve given it your Life Force, and your Permission, to be part of the architecture of your model of life. Firstly, this is only a model-and any model we use will not be the same as becoming well adjusted to the the polarity on this earth plane. Second, if you buy this thought, you keep yourself exactly where you are.

If we Did Nothing with this thought, we’d actually be given our consciousness space to recognize this subtlety. And that space is the beginning of being able to see our Actions from there true point of movement.

Once we have practice with this, our nervous system begins to reshape. This takes linear time. But we are actually taking in, sensing, perceiving life differently. (Even neuroception and intuition are braided in with past trauma and misunderstanding...)

Do Nothing. Don’t fight. Don’t pass it on.

Let whatever energy it is Work on you, Work For your liberation-out of an automated part of the problem (yes, it is a problem when we have a mass amount of people justifying their judgments and passing it on) and into Right Action.

What is Right Action? You will only know that once you’ve weeded out actions that are automated and unexcavated.

Right Action energy has one note-not a braid of many.

The energy is a direct movement from something beyond (any model), and works with all of life.

The energy leaves nothing to want, or to do, because it is complete unto itself,

there is no misunderstanding this energy-which means there can be clarity and receptivity to it. Exhale, people. Energies given can be one-noted, clear and clean.

One Day We Could have a world of Right Action.

We say this is what we want, but we must be willing to turn towards the self before taking every action, to actually be contributing to that energetic, momentous, generous and harmonized Gain.

What opposing thoughts do you have to this writing? Start with those thoughts, to Free Us All.

Deep and Many Blessings on your way.

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