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Ego as Growth Agent

No one can solely be defined by their ego. Ego is vehicle. 

We can create more of it, by becoming it. 

We can create less of it, by observing it. 

But we can’t escape it. 

Working with ego is the ultimate exercise in self love: 

it’s presence forces us to engage it, whether or not it’s conscious, 

whether or not it’s a movement of “towards” or “away”-

we’re never not dancing with ego. 

When we are in relationship, 

ego meets ego. 

Neither Being can completely be defined by theirs. 

The relationship can also not solely be defined by (it’s now) shared-ego, either. 

The way that we relate to the inner ego (do we become and create from, 

do we hate and resist and self-deny, do we acknowledge and have compassion without becoming, 

Do we see the whole concept of ego as a sham?) 

Is reflection of the way we relate to the shared-ego, in our relationships. 

When someone changes the way they relate to ego; 

through spiritual epiphany, 

through denial of reality, 

or any other way, 

it then shifts the shared-ego. 

Some relationships can sustain this, and some cannot. 

There are realities here we’d be wise not to bypass; 

its wise to plant basil near tomatoes, but maybe not to put sage near cilantro. 

We each need different things to grow. 

True love has less to do with “staying” than it does with honestly sensing and knowing, the very best growth environment for each ego, each soul. 

It might be important to flag here, 

that we’re just each where we are with it. 

Some pain feels too big, for some, to face and move through-even for sake of staying in connection. 

Some experiences of openness are too big and powerful to ignore; the pathways we’re on now ensure we can’t go back-at least not fully, in the same, earnest way. 

To Surrender to the reality of who and where we each are, 

In our inner ego relating, 

And in the shared-ego of our relationships, 

is Health and Love. 

This is a time of seismic shift. 

Care for yourself. 

Know your Place and needs. 

Maybe try to really consider them Before you survey those of others. 

There’s so much movement towards “meeting others needs” as a way to prove devotion or love-ability in this culture, we can often gaslight our own intuition that we need more space to know our own path, 

for sake of “doing the right thing by other”. 

Know, as you transcend this mass-pattern, it will be hard. 

It’s not simply the heaviness of your own beliefs that you’ll need to penetrate through; its that of the (resistant) masses. 

Learn a new way to relate to ego? 

It will change your relationships.

But ultimately, for the better.

Ultimately, for the Divine Order. (If you believe in such things.) 

To relate from a Space Beyond solely ego, 

and beyond fear of loss,

is a Mass Opportunity Now. 

Will you take it? 

(To say no might earnestly be honoring where you are.) 

A reminder: the universe knows what you’re capable of way more than whatever it is your ego may believe. 


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