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Ego is Home in Soul, and is redefined

What’s Yours in Life? I don’t mean what your ego wants. That’s a compilation of patterning. I mean, what circumstances around you, vibrate like you? Resonance can bring “good” or “bad Circumstances (according to the egos preferences), but alas, they are still “coded” to me; and that makes them Wonderful, The Way, Clear Guidance, Friend.

Spirit knows the Life that Source came to Live through me. As I open myself to this, I learn so much, and I gain the willingness, the surrender, the bravery, the humility and the JOY of Living what’s mine to Live.

Ego plots course based on maintaining itself.

At some point, this becomes boring-even if it’s always reaching for (and experiencing) the “good”-it’s only, always Reaching (for the good.) Like heaven-realms in Buddhism that we can’t gain merit in while living out our (good) karma, because there is not polarity to gain it from. So the drop to lower planes is not only inevitable, but, a farther go up, we will come down; is this still your goal?

At some point, Ego will merely loop. And you’ll see it. And the game will be over. You can still play the game, but it’s meaning will be diluted-diluting further each time you play. And the reaching towards mere goodness will show itself as...small.

And so without the familiar direction to plot our egos course, ego turns towards Soul.

We open, to the Forces and Mystery of Life—and we stand in our designated space within it's fabric. HOME.

From this space, there is far less reaching. There is the total completion and intoxication and plainness of receiving. There is nervous system repair-as preference wears out. There is Liberation in the ego’s decision to set down the constant accumulation and contemplate it’s own existence. Ego is Home in Soul, and is redefined.

Who are you Now, Beloved Ego?

Blessings on your way-

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