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Emotions, Polyvagal Theory & Abraham Hicks

Our Life Force (Soul/Essence/Energy we ARE) can BECOME Emotions.

Though this may seem ‘normal’ to this society, at this time, 

Emotions can be a form of entrapment (of Soul). 

Our Life Force then, is not our own. 

It belongs to the whim of Emotion.

Emotion belongs to the technology and realms of the human body, 

which is mostly controlled by incomplete lineage karma/trauma, personal karma/trauma, 

a soul’s pre-incarnating will/desires (often matching karma,) 

family belief systems and values, collective belief systems and values, technological,

Galactic and 

psychic mind controls, 

Mama Earths rhythms, 

Planetary movements, 

Life’s Movement

And likely much more that hasn’t been revealed yet. 

As we can see, Body is Tuned BY many levels of Life; 

Some lending more ego-desirable “pressures”, 

others lending more ego-undesirable ones. 

Still, Soul doesn’t mind. 

It came for Experience. 

If we blanch/contract after reading “soul doesn’t mind the undesirable pressures” 

it’s a good bet, 

that some part of our Life Force

 has become entrapped in Emotions.

(This is mostly a normalized experience, 

until awareness comes in and begins to change the movement.) 

Emotions are actually not required 

to feel joy, 



our interconnectedness with all of life, embodiment...

Emotions are actually not even needed to relate to others. 

They are a centuries-old, body-technology pattern; 

a habit, that is now automated, continuing on as “normal”.

There will come a time when emotions will shed from our Being, 

In the same way the past dies out. 

This will be a phase of 


With a deeper aspect of ourself,

That moves beyond death and birth. 

This is a reunion. A clearing. 

A magnificent return to the inherent capabilities often blocked by Emotion.

Emotion is not bad or wrong. 

Emotions have been Necessary;

one of the main, common lenses, 

we both experience life, 

and one another, through. 

Science really likes Emotion. 

We like to cling to it to give meaning to our lives; 

if we haven’t yet tapped 

a Deeper meaning, 

that is more neutral, 

for the good of all and everlasting: 

Presence with Aliveness. 

But eventually, they peels off; emotions are not everlasting. 

Emotions can come with us through lifetimes if we weren’t able to fully remove (resolve) our Life Force from them, “then”. 

It’s a very advanced skill for a Soul to do: to disidentify from the Emotional Body, 

Bc it’s a main way we interface, here. 

We sort of had to “become it” to live here, to function here. 

Emotional Bodies (the body or dimension-some say-that define the types, qualities, and percentages of Emotions in our unique Body-Mind incarnation) take on a life of their own, from our Life Force. 

They become like old friends. 

Very real, living Beings-but without a Being of their own. 

Their Being is Ours, we are their host. 

They are like Peter Pans Shadow, in a way; not Who he is, but intimately “attached” to him (for its very existence).

But technologies and abilities are changing. 

At some point, Emotion will become a hindrance for real connection. 

Not from a resisting place of another emotion. Not from resistance at all.

From acceptance, of Life and her natural movements/advancements. 

We struggle deeply on earth, 

get caught in in-between realms, 

carry in emotions to resolve from other lifetimes (which defines our emotional body) and, this creates a lot of learning. 

It creates a lot of learning and discernment as a Soul, 

About what we don’t want to keep creating, about what is no longer helpful, interesting or fun. 

Soul and Ego recognize 

and take action from

 “what is or isn’t helpful/what we do or don’t want” 

in very different ways. 

Soul is neutral and observant and free. 

Ego is aversive and defensive and trapped. 

We can begin to allow action to come from Soul/Clear site (that is for the good of all) Now, in Evolution. 

To illustrate the difference of how Soul and Ego discern differently “what is or isn’t helpful/what I do or don’t want”, 

The Human System of Polyvagal Theory 

and the Multidimensional channel from Ester Hicks/Abraham, (to select one representative body of work from both ground, and other realms) 

Agree on much: 

Poly Vagal Theory:

The Ventral Vagal State (calm nervous system from experienced safety) 

lends itself to clear sight, a desire to create (or have sex, as it were) and to be able to connect with others well. 

In Hick’s Channeling, 

The Vortex, is when we feel we are Being our true selves, can see clearly what’s happening without being triggered, are feeling “tuned in, tapped in, turned on”, and feel connected with others; defensiveness, she says, brings us OUT of connection: with God, ourself, our desires and from others. 

Both systems speak to when to take action in similar ways:

PVT states that creativity is linked to safety, 

and productivity is not linked to safety, but to mobilization. 

When in a state of hyper arousal/anxiety/sympathetic, or, 

a state of hypoarousal/collapse/parasympathetic, 

we can only see FROM the lens of that state. (Emotions) 

Whichever of the aroused states we are in, can only see from (make decisions from) that state.

It is advised (among many more tools) that 

we take ourselves to a quiet room, 

Imagine positive things to shift our state, 

Or talk with another person (which engages the SAME sensory and motor components of social regulation) 

who can “functionally witness” us (not listening and waiting to give advice, and not someone who will feel personally disrupted by our narrative) 

Until we feel safe, calm and regulated again. 

With Abraham’s channel, 

we manifest whatever’s (already in our Vortex) when we are feeling inspired-not motivated. 

Motivation comes from stress (just as anxiety is the mobilizer in PVT). 

Whatever negative state we are in, she says, has a lot of momentum running. It’s best to “go general”/think about something else more positive, 

until we’re back in our Vortex BEFORE we make choice. Otherwise, we’ll be making a choice from the negative momentum-and it won’t be representative of a choice we’d make from our own Vortex. 

It is my sense

that Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, related to our human technology (physiology/neurobiology,)

Is pointing at the same access point 

As Ester Hick’s channeled Abraham’s, Vortex: 

A space within each of us that is calm, open, available for interactions, healthfully socially accepting and regulated, and, open to the newness of Life/doesn’t resist Life’s flow. 

Both systems, for me, work with how to dial down (our attachment to) 


And open to a gentler, more joyous way of Being. 

This is our access point, our gateway, our way through. 

Some of you may reject this. 

Some of you already know it deep in your bones. It is those of you I write this for.

Trust yourself and your deep, intuitive impressions,

Of our forward movement 

As a Collective System. 

Do not fear the phase of dis-identification from (your) Emotional Body. It’s natural. It’s liberating. It’s a better interface-point with all humans bc it is made of 

compassion, understanding, allowance and clear sight. 

Trust your Process, Loves. 

And let it slide away. 

Blessings and Courage for these Marvelous times! 

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