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Give up (the noble) Fight?

Give Up The Fight? (Especially if it feels particularly noble 🦋)

Sometimes ‘it’s’ not missing, it just didn’t happen. 

Sometimes the “not happening” is Not Meant to be innovated upon, 

bc the innovation is coming from a ravenous, non-acceptance 

of what Didn’t occur. 

Sometimes we call trying to create from resistance, revolution. 

But mostly it’s moving from an unaccepted & unprocessed pain; 

the creation will be created with those embedded energies. 

Read that again. 

The creation (from fighting against) can then feel “high” or “mystical” or “otherworldly” or “revolutionary”, 

bc it has been so deeply sought after, from such a high charge,

For so long. 

When the momentum pops it’s like an orgasm. We relate this to feeling good.

We’ve missed the key, the point,

Of the polarity we are now “fighting against”.

The ecstatic nature of the “reward” 

From innovating-from-non acceptance/the fight,

is not yet grounded, 

and cannot yet then be used of benefit for this (grounded) Earth Reality.

It was built upon non acceptance of What is; so it didn’t follow the Rules of the Ground. 

(Rule is a word, and the rules I speak of could never be confined or defined by a word...)

Real change occurs Naturally-

we Become/embody the solution-

but After the pain of “what didn’t happen” 

melts down our human-hope,

(Which is not a substitute for the boundlessness and potentiality of  Creation) 

and is replaced with humility, compassion & wisdom 

about many interconnected levels of Life.

Naturally, then, integration and acceptance and Grounded Growth-

Growth we are actually able to UTILIZE and digest, occurs. 

It’s tricky bc society is not yet developed enough to understand the fallacy in action-from-pain. 

This is not a judgement. 

This is a clear observation from a larger view,

A view that is inherent in each of us,

If we create space for ourselves to See.

In this way, there is (mostly) never a reason

 to feel jealousy or aggression 

Towards someone who is speaking about “larger view” bc, 

We are Each the View. 

Some beings are just (timed, willing, brave enough or a combo) to 

Claim the View. 

But it belongs to ALL. 

One day we will remember. 

Jealousy, envy and aggression are useless 

When we recover the bounty 

And interconnectedness 

(Like all getting different turns, at different times) 

That we Are. 

Here in society, the action of seeking to create the thing that “wasn’t had” 

is raised up as heroic.

There’s a difference between drained-out, painful adrenaline action 


Embodied, Natural Movement that is for Sake of All.

The high we get from dashing to feel that thing that wasn’t felt is, 

at the end of things, 

wasted System energy 


a half-way creation; 

unless we learn this From/after 

all of the dashing. 

Even the system of Life has limits that our minds couldn’t possibly understand 

due to interconnectedness of/for the Gestalt. 

It also has limitlessness 

that our minds could never compute.

But we can Feel Both deep in our own Bodies.

On bodies:

The human body we study in nervous system material...

There Is a Body beneath. 

Many, in fact. 

Bodies rest within Bodies, as many levels of Self sit like Russian Dolls within your One physical form.

The physical body is wired from karma, from lineage hand-downs of unfelt feelings and hasty action, 

balanced out through our puppeted-even if desired-actions:

‘She divorces him at 35 and feels aligned “in her soul” to leave. And yet her family system dictated she would, as her own mother died, at 35, leaving her own husband behind.’ These things happen constantly, just under our awareness. 

Whose pulling our strings? 

Who really wants (this) choice? 

Me? Who is me? 

Go deeper. 

We know not who we are, so,

We know not what we do.

Until we open the hood. 

Open it? 

Grief helps to Ground us here. So we can be a part of new, workable Action. 

Speaking of accepting grief is not to be a ‘downer.’ 

Downer is a judgemental label created by a society who has not integrated the reality (and beauty) of death. 

We prefer to mainly see the pain, 

and fear death. 

Ultimately, we can learn not to fear pain or death. 

This is actually a high skill many beings came to earth to experiment with.

As we welcome, meet, penetrate and embody our fear, 

we transcend it. 

We repeat this process over and over. 

Some fears take minutes to penetrate. 

Some take years. 

Some we can move through and disprove on our own, 

Some we need aide for, bc fear has been so imbedded in our being, 

Keeping us stuck at that one doorway-

Through space and time-for lifetimes.

We came in, to penetrate through fear.

A whole new reality exists beyond fear. 

The more we penetrate fear, the more that world opens to us.

Don’t be afraid; fear only fears itself. 

A different reality patiently awaits us, friends!!! Let’s meet each other on the other side! 

Death is a great gift. 

We want death. 

If you think you don’t want death, 

you can remember the larger story, 

by practicing focusing on your other Bodies within your human body. 

(Most spiritual traditions have many gateways “in”. Find your resonant architecture and practice?)

We are not being dominated by life in the way it seems sometimes-

we are a very active part of Life’s Movements-

but our collective human body 

is very asleep and forgetful 

of the larger, eternal, endlessly renewing “laws”. 

There is no downer in accepting grief. 

It is a fulcrum for actual, workable change. 

Grief is our friend. 

Fear is our friend. 

Death is our Glory. 

If we label info as “bad” 

We’ve missed the integration

We’ve missed the wisdom 

And we’ll miss the bliss of action 

that comes directly from the Whole within us 

that we Are. 

A being might sit in pain for centuries , masturbating with it-

but in denial of that fact. 

We can’t see-on most levels of life-what we can’t yet see. 

We can’t yet see due to time, 

and due to avoiding what we’d feel or know, if we Did. 

Be brave to See?

Many of us came in 

to penetrate centuries of stuck-fear. 

And move Beyond! 

On fear and grief:

Emotions are not who we are. 

But they are fulcrums of subtle movement, 

sheathing over our Bodies 

like interconnected wheels, 

turning us ahead-or backwards. 

On one Body level, direction matters not.

On others, it Matters very much, 

and the System can be studied out of curiosity.

We then naturally Align back 


the System. 

For a time we need to self differentiate (in the human body) 

and self individuate (in other Bodies). 

And then, one day, those phases are done.

The “one way” is only there when it Is.

And then we are on to the next “one way” of the phase 

and the cycle 

our unique Russian Doll is seated in. 

Sometimes we have to push away from a thing to recognize we are not it.

And in doing so we actually confirm that we Are It. 

We have a piece in whatever deeply provokes us. 

This is law/rule (beyond words.)

Even if it’s not readily apparent. 

Even if from a different lifetime. 

It’s in us. 

Our un-challenged and naturally narrow views 

prevent us 

from true understanding that 

Polarity is how we learn Here. 

So if we keep pushing away, we never really get the Gift, of polarity. 

Or it’s wisdom, 

it’s reason for being. 

There are Natural Phases when we use another humans actions 

as an excuse to cause our own. 

When we are done “pushing off of them” to gain our own dopamine-fueled momentum for our own gain,

We will see the madness, 

the energetic misdirection 

and the unworkability

In this way.  

It all comes back, because it’s ALL ONE giant, connected web. 

Springy, unable to be separated, though we’d swear it all is. 

It all loops back around. 

As we Naturally remember our larger lineage 

billions of lifetimes lived; 

in different planets, in between realms, underworlds, god-realms, states of consciousness, parallel lives, concurrent lives (bc there is no time in most “places”) and 

As we Naturally Feel in our Russian Doll Bodies-not just our human one-all the wisdom it already IS,

We will understand how futile,

How repetitive and ridiculous it is,

To gain our momentum from denial,

To use others actions as a scapegoat for leaving our own Center/midline, 

To justify what “should be” “right” 

by making others wrong,

To keep ourselves feeling “safe”.

We are already safe. 

In our being.

With our polarity. 

With what we hate.

With what hurts and causes seemingly disgusting levels of harm.

We are already safe In all of that because it’s already happening, 

And we have never not been,

Much MORE than these Happenings. 

If we have forgotten this view,

We feel like a victim to outside happenings. We fee no way to gain any ground over bad things happening, 

So we become part of the problem,

We become the controller that we perceive. 

As we remember this view,

We take responsibility,

For what we are creating at very high and low levels,

And we become part of the solution-

A solution, 

At even higher levels-

That doesn’t even need to happen,

Bc it all just Is what it Is.

Most of us did not come in 

To “stand up to” Something. 

We came into STOP standing up to something,

Bc we realize there is nothing to stand up to,

But different mirrors of the Self/One. 

That realization alone, unlocks the paradigm.

And alllll the momentum and purpose and passion 

That went into its creation 

Gets dropped

And redirected.

Wait in the pause...

Try not to pick up that very attractive and “purposeful” pattern! 

We are the energy and the LIFE behind, and animating,

all of this. 

And as we remember this, Naturally,

We grieve. We laugh. We exhale. 

We remember why we Chose Polarity. 

And it’s Not always to Fight Against it.

It is to penetrate it to Freedom. 

A freedom human words cannot yet define. 

Our planet is in a Growth Curve. 

Can you meditate on All of your bodies; pause your mind, ask it to sit aside for a moment as we tap the Larger Being, and ask,

“Related to polarity, What did I come to do Differently This Time?” 

The answer 

is how we (remember) 

how to rebuild a New World. 

It is a space of resourceful, untapped solutions ready-made for our embodiment at this time, 

If we will pause our Resistance to what is 

and our “noble fight” against it (cancer, racism, manipulation, domination, etc.) 

the way of fighting against is old. 

It’s outdated. 

But it gets us high. What part of us?

Explore that question and You’ll find your own indicators for the next time you want to pick it up as a strategy. 

Hack your own strategies? 

It feels to our human bodies to be very heroic, and society heavily rewards it,

To “fight against what we don’t want”. 

And certainly systems must balance themselves,

But systems can also get stuck in loops. 

We are stuck in a fighting-for-peace loop. 

May we see. 

This is a time for New Ways. 

The Fight no longer will do. 

Go to the still place where the answers are waiting to be embodied? 

You’ll know you’ve found it bc

It will feel new and spacious 

It will not contain a “high”. 

It will vibrate as peaceful action, steadiness, a knowing. 

This vibration is unshakable,

It is an extension from a power 

Much greater than our minds.

We are part of that power.

We have each been misusing it, 

Daily, in minuscule and apparent ways. 

(I have accessed it. And also yes, I am in a human Body and working to rewire  her to this new Space. I am not yet fully embodying all the experiences that I know and write are possible/happening here. And it takes time and care and I fall backwards, daily. But the Space renews itself, is a much higher perspective than polarizing pain. It is a WELL we can return to for higher guidance than what resides in our own nervous-system dominated human body. The Russian Doll Body is our embodiment of, and our place AS Life. And she Knows how to inherently rebalance (“her” own) Gestalt.) 

May we pause our collective addiction to ‘fighting against’ 

And call our minds back 

to the Spaciousness 

that Is the Answer.

(Don’t let the mind’s fore fullness loop you backwards-we’ve given the human mind way to much power-

Time to give the Higher Mind a bit more. 

And May we embody that Space 

In this human body-mind, 


Let it peel off. 

Penetrate the fear.

Discover the Realties of the Whole 

And ITS 

Natural Movement? 

Aho and Gods Bless

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