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How do we discern?

How do we discern who to believe right now?

1) Listen deeply to your own field-know your own limits and fears-know that they WILL project out and miscolor/misrepresent the scene towards their own benefit (towards their own continuation of smallness of sight. They do not want integration. We all have parts like this. Some, at higher percentages than others.) Know you’re field (without judgement.)

2) Embody the rest of your Being “around” the fears and limits-embodying these uncharged spaces activates their sensing capabilities. Allow THAT sensing capability/sight to now sense (without penetration) another’s field.

3) From that space, open your curiosity (without judgement) and discern: does the energy behind their words match their words?

Where does the energy behind their words originate from? An early childhood wound? A societal belief matrix? A family pattern/belief? Their heart?

If within heart, is it coming from a wound within their heart? Or from the purity of their heart?

Is the energy behind their words coming from a disembodied space? Where in their field does that space live? Is that space “controlled by” their soul, or something else?

(Two people can say the Same Words but those words can be coming from, and even flavored by, many other aspects of their field.)

4) Just see. Just listen. Pause any judgement. But don’t restrict your sight.

We do not use the sight to be invasive, to gain any kind of ego ground or safety, or as an excuse to utilize blame or judgement.

This is a practice in genuinely sensing the reality of where (first, we are in our own process with life,) and where they seem to be. It is also a practice of allowance.

5) Our sight can Always be More Clarified, as we do the work within to continue to engage and integrate our own fears and limits.

It IS possible for many Beings to read the same field and agree on its reality-it just depends on how processed, self earnest, non judgmental and non-agendad they are.

6) How does your body feel while sensing their field? How might you describe that feeling? (This will NOT feel like a judgement. If it comes out that way, go back to step 1.)

This may be a nice starting place for your own self discernment. And for your developing ability to discern “who to believe”-without perpetuating separation.

Know thyself?

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