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Let (their) fear Move Through You

It might not be easy. It might feel like you’re breaking an addiction with fighting fear. It might feel like a hundred of your deepest inner pains are exposed.

But if you can See, that what they’re aiming at you with is Fear, and that it’s young, and unprocessed, and so terrified, that it is willing to create even more separation as opposed to risking healing in relating because original connections caused much pain, then you can let that fear Move Through You. It doesn’t hit, or stick.

The moment it “hits” you, it’s likely that that outside fear (of theirs) has found an internal resonance, in you.

The practice is still the same; See, and Let it Move Through.

If we want safe relationship, we must See and Let it Move Through. The Spaciousness that can do that is Love. (Don’t worry about any “next step” until you master this one.)

See that they’re coming at you from fear, and the fear move right through your field. And if it sticks, open yourself to let it move through.

Many blocks can occur within this 3 second practice. Hundreds of years of blocks can arrive and pour into this 3 second change of pattern. And that’s how we can Drop It, and drop our fight with fear.

This frees up energy. This creates safety. Because once you have felt your own hundreds of years worth of blocks pour into your 3 seconds towards change, you’ll have grand compassion for why we still use fear as a weapon.

We use fear as a separating weapon because we have no idea how to bear that hundreds of years of pain.

Forgive other. Forgive fear. Practice Freedom. Understand.

May we create a new world of true understanding of our human condition-no longer fighting it or building around it. May we Create Healing. And May that healing beget Joy.

Courage to your practice.

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