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There exists a paradigm of religion where concepts create beliefs to be the architecture that begets a sense of safety and control.

There exists a paradigm of codependency where our biological need for interconnection gets built upon to such an extent that enmeshment is the architecture that begets a sense of belonging and sanity.

There exists a paradigm where multidimensionality is the playing field and to traverse the planes in an ‘upward’ direction is the key to liberation.

There exists a paradigm where all things are true: coincidence reigns high and is the architecture that reflects back to us “reality”.

There exists a paradigm where to mate with another “twin flame” infuses meaning and purpose into life where it otherwise would not exist. The meeting and the mating forms the architecture our life organizes within.

There exists a paradigm where all that occurs to and within us is in complete vibrational consequence with our multidimensional Energyfield. We can learn to sense and work with our vibration in order to harmonize with life. Within this paradigm, there exists a sub-paradigm of wanting and getting. Another exists merely to BE the vibration we ultimately are.

Likely, an unlimited amount of paradigms exist...

As human beings, there are paradigms “coded” to us. Sometimes many-one I’m top of the next.

Do you recognize yours?

Would you be able to describe or draw them?

Do you know when you’ve become one?

It is easy to mistake Who We Are for the concepts that form the architecture of any paradigm.

Who You Are is not a paradigm-you are like water-you flow in between and around and within all paradigms. You are Life. Life has wills and movements beyond all paradigms.

(From this paradigm!) Relational issues arise mainly, from two people not being able to or willing to see,

that they are interfacing with Life,

and with one another,

from different (or often, many different) paradigms.

The issue is not always in malintent.

The issue often lies in projecting the architecture of our current paradigms

onto another-onto all of Life.

Through these lenses, we literally MISS who the other Being Truly IS. What LIFE TRULY might BE.

By Life’s Design, we are Meant to be different. Karma and Dharma and Source experiencing its unfathomable Self allows for this-requires this.

Perhaps it’s less about leaving someone. Perhaps it’s less about becoming frustrated or angry with them. Fighting them or their “cause”. Perhaps it’s about recognizing that we are meant to experience life through different lenses. Where we go with that baseline-acceptance in part, could define the evolution of our species.

When we GET this (which yes, may be outside of some of our current paradigms) there is no judgement about it. There is acceptance. And Peace.

Sometimes there is grief and sadness and loneliness as we grow from one paradigm into the next...We are Not the Paradigm. Nor are They.

There is a Space that Birthed us both, and from that Space, we are Same.

To assert our paradigm(s) on another-no matter how ancient or holy or enlightened it may seem or feel-

is still Missing the Point of Who the Other is Choosing to Experience Being in This Life.

(So how do we live into our codes paradigms while allowing others theirs? Good contemplation...!)

Does it feel okay to me to stay in my paradigm in order to avoid feeling theirs?

Does it feel justifiable to make them wrong?

So that I can feel...right, which is to feel, safe?

This safe-feeling merely flags the edges of the architecture of our own paradigm. (Soul need not feel “safe”)

It can justify the concept that allows the brain to imagine and therefore even sense safety, keeping us conceptually separated. Read that again.

Can I sense and allow their paradigm?

It WILL be different from my own.

Can I tend to my own varied feelings of separation as I cross through that bridge from separation to Allowance of Life Being What It Is? (Because, it already is.)

Do I tell myself that I allow others, but in reality avoid them, or repress many emotions into passive aggressiveness just to bear beating with them?

We tell ourselves many things that are not true about ourselves and our actions, for sake of staying within the architecture of our most present paradigms.

We can fight who someone is.

But it’s not really who they ARE (even if they believe it is who they are!)

Or, we can keep our Life Force in our bodies,

change the pattern or judgement and resentment (that is a surrogate-salve for our repressed feelings of separateness that their difference moves in us)

and choose instead to Allow.

Get Curious.

Is there a paradigm that includes both of our paradigms?

Am I willing to explore it?

Or do I prefer my paradigm even if it conceptually separates? Why?

Justification can sometimes be a flag that we want to stay safely within our own paradigm.

Is it possible to evolve out of my current paradigm in order to See Them for Who They ARE?

Or, In order to see them how they see (and like!) themselves (which may not even be who they ARE)?

Is it possible to see beyond the current architecture I’m stuck in?

Do I realize I’m stuck?

If it doesn’t feel like “stuck” what does it feel like? (That might be the reinforcement keeping me within it!)

What might happen if I drop the fight, allow, and SEE Anew?

It is easy to mistake Who We Are for the concepts that form the architecture of any paradigm.

Who You Are is not a paradigm-you are like water-you flow in between and around and within all paradigms. You are Life. Life has wills and movements beyond all paradigms.

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