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Prayers for a New (collective) Nervous System

There is no authority above you that says that “you have to”. There IS a will coming through you; Know Thyself. 

This is merely Experience; All of It. So, there is no predestined answer. YOU ARE THE ANSWER; you ARE FATE.

Your Choice is your Contribution To Life, AS LIFE ITSELF.

This is True Power; Self-Align, to wield it Well.

May we all feel safe in our uniquely complex bodies. May we all feel safe in our own hearts.  May we all feel safe in our inhales, our exhales, and recognize where they catch, with gentle sight.  May we all come to know our unique nervous system and it’s patterns, and that thoughts and emotions are not our fault’s. They are often inheritance, from an earlier ancestor just trying to live through Life.

They are often a manifestation of a tiny part of the Gestalt, we’ve yet to come to know.  May we all learn the truth of this, and let one another DEEPLY off of the shame and blame hook.  May we move beyond the taboo of secrecy around painful thoughts and emotions, and begin to impart a new life of supporting one another’s healthier functioning nervous systems, together, and for the benefit of all.  May we all do what we can to add some balance and kindness to our own nervous systems each day,  so we can then UNDERSTAND that no one is their nervous system and that intense actions come from dysregulated nervous systems.  When we understand this, our societal  systems WILL reflect this wisdom; RESPECTFUL and effective regulation will win,  over the ancient blame and shame game, which keeps violence and separation in play.   May our new social systems bear in their methods TRUE COMPASSION  for the larger truth of the human experience and its complexities.  May we open our lives and our laws to include the larger Truths all the ancient texts are pointing at.  May our laws reflect highest wisdom, (not just easiest form for the human mind to grasp.)  May The Mystery be re-included into our daily, collective Truth. (Mystery is not dogma.)  May we all stop trying to be perfect, wise, or the best. May we drop our grasping at anything no longer important that we USED to  make us feel sane, safe or calm.  May we instead, FEEL our sanity, safety and calmness, and be made more open to life, and trusting of one another,  under systems that recognize  the basic goodness of aliveness,  & the layered complexities of being in a human body,  and how to honor (without shame,) those two facts.  Shame keeps us trapped in our patterning and dysregulation. It is a lock.  Education and genuinely respectful aide, are two of the keys.  May we ALL include nervous system understanding & regulation in our daily awareness, so we may interact with ourselves and with our necessary and precious others, from a new space of understanding of our interconnection. May we gently hand one another (their) brave responsibility to support (their own) nervous systems-without shame or blame.  May those who hand, be humble and wise,  and may those who receive, be honest and ready for care.  May we DEEPLY HEAL together-beyond any labeling of “fault”  but with full acceptance of responsible care. Bye-bye blindspots.  But May we unveil, with gentle respect.  If we do not, we will keep repeating violence. May we have the courage to put down our wars with anyone playing a different part of the Gestalt.  May we recognize that if (I) were not to embody “this thing”, than (they) would. May we be WISE. Wiser than we have been, about the nature of our whole.  May we have the courage to allow our fellow humans to keep us honest, if we are causing harm.  May we experience the healing BEYOND THE SCAPEGOAT OF SHAME that happens when a being who loves us unconditionally, and is educated on true aide, gently lets us know that our dysregulated system is causing us and others harm.  May we take this in, so we may give this out-which keeps our relational systems in Balance.  May we desire this new balance, more than the unbalanced, excluding, shaming hierarchy that usually “wins”.  We are at the edge  Of a new world A new way  If we will be brave enough  To let ourselves see And grieve  And rebuild  Something more workable  And beneficial  And harmless  And therefore, LOVING May we CHOOSE to rebuild with WISDOM if our connectivity.  Then, We are healing THE Nervous System. Not yours, or mine.  The one of the ALL.  

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