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Protecting, Considering & Appreciating, the ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ the Seers & Outliers

Those (or many) who speak of conspiracy may actually know, or feel, a bit more than what the average human being is currently feeling. 

No one is ahead or behind, better or worse, but we are all interfacing with this thing, purposefully, at different “levels”.

There are so many levels of life happening at once-all valid-and the veils are thin now...

I don’t think anyone consciously wants to, or means to, disrespect another (except out of their unconscious fear’s attempt to feel safe,) 

as much as to share what’s real for them, 

alongside of what seems to be the collective reality. 

We all (should be) allowed to have our voices heard.

But we don’t fully live that ideal. 

Maybe collective reality could begin to consider the conspiracies? 

Check them out for themselves, with their own body and clear mind? 

Yes-that’s a lot to be with, a lot to include. Not comfortable. It invokes Change. 

Maybe this is what we’re being urged towards, however; to shuffle out beyond our mass-conscience (that defines what’s ‘right’ and ‘wrong’/‘acceptable’/what ‘should be happening’ and how we ‘should be’ dealing with ‘this’) 

and Into the realm beyond it, 

where we are a Part of a larger happening? 

It might be a slow shuffle. 

It might not happen at all. 

I trust and believe in our ability to adapt to breathing with a much larger reality-with contradicting laws, levels, and values-than we’re used to. 

I experience us as being “built for this”.

I think humanity is ready. I gently encourage us to “let go” of what we think we know. “Don’t know Mind,” as they Buddhists say. 

Personally, As a Being who receives downloads all the time about things I’d rather not know, 

that I’d rather not include in my reality, that radically change my reality, 

and add to it much responsibility in the forms of time and care (and money and energy) to try to discern and integrate what’s real, 

it’s a double whammy when friends and fam and culture around me, 

then look at me as if my receiving or knowing those things,

IS the problem, 

IS what needs to have not happened. 

But my experience did happen. 

We can invalidate others if we are closed to what’s real for them, 

While claiming that they’re invalidating us. 

We could each stand to check this confusion out a bit! What’s really happening there; zoom in? 

It’s scary to be seeing and hearing so much-without much guidance beyond ancient spiritual texts-and having that expand your reality, 

but then trying not to upset those you love that seem to live in a different experience!! 

That line between biological belonging and trusting one’s own experience can start to rattle with pain. 

Where is the compassion for the conspiracy theorist? The channel? The seer? The light worker who remembers and knows? 

Who literally came in to be of service by their (large) sight at this time? Should we disbelieve our own realty because mass reality does not agree that it’s real? 

And what is the reality that mass reality needs to believe is real? 

And why? 

Where is The aide for the Outlier, besides a social response of:  

“that’s not real”! 

There is no aide. 

Not in the way there is aide for breast cancer or depression or black lives matter or any other group that we perceive needs more awareness and compassion brought to its plight.

The Outlier learns there’s not much aide (on the human level). 

They also usually (get to sense) that there is endless aide, and understanding of their ‘plight’ (which is not fully, a plight,) but from other realms. 

Then, They Become the Aide, 

for others. 

(Sound like the hero’s journey?) 

“That’s not real!” Is a posture 

for the energy of: 

 “I haven’t had the experiences to help you, and what you represent scares me, so I’m going to leave you there to figure it out for yourself while I go back to the group conscience that makes me feel safe. And I might use that group conscience to judge you, but I’m justified in my judgment bc YOU need to change, because You scare me.” 

(Of course this is mostly unconscious. But it’s still happening.) 

And often, those Posturing in this way are usually who we would point to as “really kind people”. And, they are. They can be kind, and, completely miss the heart and experience of the outlier. 

Again, no one intends harm. Harm is a product of ignorance. 

(But nobody’s ego wants the label of ignorance, so we keep causing harm) I mean All of us, in our own ways...

Until we don’t. 

The outlier who “receives” or “feels” doesn’t always mean to or want to-

and most of the intensity they seem to carry about the conspiracy (or insight or prophecy) actually has more to do with their earnest experience being rejected by their biological family,

that they are trying to serve in the way they were built to,

than by them needing to be “right”. 

Check it out. 

Feel for yourself next time the ‘conspiracy theorist’ seems “mad”. Mass rejection and denial would make anyone a bit mad, and maybe even seemingly insane...

what are we doing to our “seers”? 

It’s like being the baker in the community, but very few people ‘believe in’ bread; 

Being attuned to energies “beyond” can sometimes feel like a thankless “job”! 

So, Why does the compassion usually go to the “underdog” and not the “outlier”? 

Bc we don’t want to believe the outlier-it would be more challenging to update our reality to include things that are uncomfortable, than to protect something we think needs protecting (which makes us feel strong). 

We want to “protect” the “underdog” so that WE feel strong. 

The outlier can see that this is a surrogate strength. 

The outlier often sees, that there is no underdog, 

and therefore, no need to protect them. 

In this way, the outlier Is the Protector. 

Maybe it’s TIME to Protect, respect, listen to, consider & appreciate the ‘conspiracy theorists’ the Seers, Lightworkers, Channels and ‘Outliers’? 

Please don’t confuse this with giving away your power to believe in something that isn’t real for you. 

It’s merely about widening our own realities, shuffle by shuffle. 

Loving and respecting each of you and all that you Are, you Do, and Bring. 

It’s so needed. 

Even if the need is not known, seen, or thanked by those around you, The Universe knows. 

God Bless. 

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