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Sit with me, and Breathe.

I know sometimes you feel so scared, Beloved. There are many different choices and many different paths. It can feel overwhelming and all consuming, sometimes, just to be alive. The struggle can feel solely, and wholly, real.

Sit here beside me and breathe with me deeply.

Take the air fully into your body and lungs.

Feel your heart beating from the inside out.

Feel your face, the aliveness in your eyes.

Sense it? You were merely “outside”, not “in”.

When we come back “in”, we are Home.

Then, you have me again, this Wisdom, Peace, Safety and Truth.

You don’t “need to know”. You don’t “need an outcome”. The outside tells you you do, but you don’t. You just feel the bottom of your breath. The coolness of the air streaming into your nose. The pleasure of relaxation.

You just be here, for a while.

When you feel so scared, Beloved, come back here to sit with me, “inside”.

In this shelter, you will start to feel yourself again. And then, look back out onto Life with fresh, knowing eyes, and an open, brave heart. Your Pathway will be clear, but not as the “outside” defined it.

You will see life from two very different views, depending on if you come sit with me, or if you stay “out there”.

The “out there” is reactive. The “in here” in both rejuvenating and sane-making.

I AM your direction, your movement, your sanity, your spaciousness, your connection to Life/Source, I AM your Home.

Here, you regain peace, clarity and strength.

I know sometimes you feel so scared, Beloved.

Sit with me, and Breathe.

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