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The guidance of thoughts

In the experience of this body-mind (not its concept), I am not my thoughts. Thoughts go in every which direction, depending on the whim of (what’s) running the thoughts; family patterning, societal patterning, personal karma (and/or) the “Slice of life” that is mine to live into, mine as in soul’s, which is essentially spirit, so mine as in ours...

the karma that IS, matches the capability that this “slice of/ray of/light of” Source (soul that is with me) IS.

Experience is capability of the life that is (me),

not merely another way for my ego to take credit for “being spiritual”. Thoughts are always trying to gain ground, to please, to feel safe...that shows us the quality of the guidance we are following when we listen to thoughts as reality!

Ideas and thoughts and opinions will create a path.

It is not the same path as to watch deeply where that path will lead-and how it will wind-in all

directions-all the while telling you and itself that it’s “your way/the way”. It’s just the thoughts, expressing, not a guide for who you are, and what is Yours. Soul is that.

In the experience of this body-mind, when brain can’t track the soul (for whatever reason) we give our power to thoughts, thinking it’s the wise thing to do.

Thoughts will cause confusion, suffering, divides...thoughts will justify those divides, dividing (us) further. These thoughts have gone rogue. They are scattering in every direction to gain ground, to feel safe in the vast Life of Unknown.

The more we “think” we know, the less we know. The more we Know, well, it just IS-and we just are, so we all know the same, we all are the same-but not at the level of thought.

Thoughts will say that everything is a problem. And we will believe them. And that is a TON of energy to waste and chase...right now, you may agree, but you likely also have many strong opinions and preferences, and that is still you believing your thoughts! May we Follow the circles inwards...

Resonance is souls movement pattern and it never divides. But thoughts might say that it does!

If I didn’t follow my thoughts for guidance, what else in my field do I trust to guide me? (The heart, from the experience of this body-mind, has often been hi jacked by thought. You can tell by it’s strong preferences to love “this one” or to “save the world”...strong agendas with specific outcome, from the experience of this body-mind, have not been traced back to Soul. But the thoughts that sit in the same field as Soul might catch its whiff and “act as if”. Thoughts are not soul. Thoughts are not alive. They only have life if we give them our life-force (soul.)

Thoughts will tell us nearly everything is a problem, except for the tiny world they are desperately trying to construct and keep glued together. We all have thoughts. But not all will follow thoughts as guidance. Some will, and this is not wrong. This is where they are. There is never any shame in being where we are. Soul and Source always Know.

Watch your thoughts? Sense your Soul? How are these two spaces different? How are they similar? Whose the one watching and labeling?! (At some point, ego can choose to work for Soul .)

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