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This is your thank you, to yourself.

I want to thank those of you who have found it time, and recruited the courage,

to look your pain in the face.

The ones of you who will not let blame and judgement ferment in your Being,

who will not be a suitable host to scapegoating another-even if socially comfortable, acceptable, easy to do.

The ones of you that strive to see the whole scene-even when it’s challenging,

or brings waves of cognitive dissonance, discomfort or even trauma: for victim and offender roles are Not clear cut.

Thank you to the Ones of you who earnestly work everyday to See All Sides-

even, and especially, “against” the need for the masses to blame (you), in order to feel safe.

Thank you to You who scans your own scars to see how your triggers are your own.

The ones who practice, repeatedly, to see with compassion, let people off the hook-as you know the universe holds (their) karma in balance.

Thank you for removing yourself from the brutal role of judge-even when it exposes all of your deepest fears. Wow, do I bow to you.

Thank you to the Ones of you who have decided to become emotionally intelligent. To the ones of you who utilized the courage to finally admit that you Are and always have been.

And to do the sometimes scary work, that risks rejection and abandonment, of handing back the projections of others who’d have you believe that your sensitivities are wrong, and your fault.

Thank you to the ones of you that truly can see when someone is projecting,

and can honor yourself, and honor them, and just grieve for both. Because you care for both, as a practice.

Because you put both first, even if you have to set boundaries that allow you to come under no more harm.

We can back away, and still Love. Thank you for Loving Well.

Thank you for trusting your deep intelligence to play it out this way-so that passing on harm may end with you.

Thank you for your continually discerned clear sight.

Where does such movement come from? To keep clean and earnest?

Wow, others around you may scapegoat and project upon you, but I See You.

I see that you’ve got your eyes and ears and soma on a larger scene.

I see you go Unacknowledged.

I see you do your work not to mind going unacknowledged! Haha!

I See You and I Appreciate you so, so much.

You are healing the threads of Life.

I thank the Ones of you who have come from the dark, and so,

have been naturally given to the Light.

I’m so sorry for the ways society is envious or disbelieving of this most Sacred and Brave (and in some ways, effortless!) Process.

I’m so sorry for all the ways you have been, and likely will continue to be, misunderstood.

People may envy this light. And then pretend they don’t.

I see that you are merely living into, what is yours to Do.

Well Done (even though you don’t need me to say it.)

Thank you to the Ones who learn trauma informant-Even if their multidimensional understanding Knows that Trauma is a gift, a gateway, a choice, and the course of our liberation.

Thank you for learning it anyways, because you’re here, Now.

It takes much humility to “learn backwards” when you sense that what Trauma Informant for the masses of us really needs, is contact with Source, to clarify the whole “why”.

To the ones sharing their brave new ideas on how to raise and educate our children.

The ones of you who clean up the Energy fields that many Beings don’t even believe are real. I See You.

Thank you for bridging the worlds.

For accepting humility.

For saying no to martyrdom

As you do the task.

Thank you for the courage and strength to repeatedly die to expectations, in order to see a New World Birthed.

You are the Fruit of the Earth. We all work in the ways that we work. And perhaps this is bias-it definitely is!! But Thank You to the Ones of you that seek no repayment for the earnest energetic cleanup you undertake, when reconciling you’re Own Field.

I see you clearing the way, clearing the astral plane, changing the coding of relationships. As others may label you as “woo-woo”, “too emotional”, “lacking grounding”.

They cannot see, because they are not you.

We all have different eyes. And bodies and karmas.

Remember, they may not see you, but they may also not get to experience the Goodness and the True Connection with life you get to? Who knows.

This culture loves speaking up for marginalized group. It’s “cool”.

Light workers are most certainly a marginalized group! (And, they may not even feel the need to say that!)

Thank you.

And I absolutely bow humbly to myself for embodying all of this.

I am so proud of myself for continuing to show up, for what is mine to do.

And this bow is sacred.

May I model it for anyone who’d like to try; Bow to yourself.

You who are earnest.

Maybe even you, who are not.

Life can be challenging, Beloved.

Bow to You.

This is your thank you, to yourself.

We just do what is ours to do.

May we Bow to this in self.

And May we bow to this in ALL.

Namaste, and

Thank you.

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