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Body and movement take the shape of consciousness.


I See, I share, you embody, and body evolves.

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Spiritual Peership

Your Soul Knows it's Own "Taste", it's unique Way. Sometimes we just need eyes that can see, in order to Sense Ourself again. 

I see you, I share with you, you edit, and layer in. Self Alignment occurs.

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Myofascial Release/Bodywork

Fascia is The Mother that holds, shapes, limits, protects, provides. She is emotional, and spiritual, and Knows the way back out of what She, Herself, has shaped. May we listen and unwind.

MFR is layered in with other forms of body assessment and bodywork from over 15 years of experience.

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Couples Work

We are magnetized by karma and dharma to Relate. The outside is what best reflects the inside. Every pair contains God's Will for incredible growth. 

Couples energetic/postural reading, couples shusta card reading, basic bodywork instruction to aide your partner through touch, and couples massage (with many additional add ons, and done with my Sister-Colleague, Lisa).


Shusta/Soul Readings

Soul has it's own layered signature; whether read by energy, or through other means. Let us turn the focus towards Soul, to Know.

Energetic Soul readings, beginner astrology readings for you to learn your own chart/evolutionary potential, and Shusta card readings; a training in my kabalistic studies that reflects Soul level & accounts for all 4 Trees of Life that comprise "us".

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Group Work

Spiritual Kingdoms await for us to gather, so our consciousnesses can be filled with Light and New Ways.

Group Work, Postural Playshop, Constellation Work, Space for Light Groups, Practitioner Gatherings, Beginner groups for learning your own astrology, and more.

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