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Sound and Touch

Is one hour of luxurious self care, with intuitively tailored massage with Erin, while enjoying the sweet and mindful melodies of crystal sound bowls and other ancient and new instruments played by Lisa Trunkenbolz.

Event capacity is limited to 7, in order to maintain an optimal experience for all participants and givers, with the understanding that we will all be in the light of the Highest receptivity.

Sunday June 25th at 2pm  at Heart's Light in Saint Charles, IL

~Offered monthly, with dates TBA for each month

~Also Available for personal parties, family healing, or the like

$45/persona for the hour, or $300 for a group of up to 7.

(Set up payment with whomever you'll be RSVPing with.)

(Massage time with Erin will be equally divided by all participants. Not all participants need to partake in the touch portion of the healing. Massage is done over clothing, specific to each body's prioritized needs as sensed by Erin, and carried by the Sound that Lisa helps usher in.)

The studio is stocked with tea and props, and you may also wish to bring your favorite pillow or other items to support your comfort.

We look so forward to Being with you and Serving you, as beloved Friend. 

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