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Licensed Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Body work, Energy work, Posturing, Trauma Healing, Channel, Intuitive, Embodiment Coach, Healing, Group Healing, myofascial release, retreats, Cincinnati, Blue Ash, Ohio


Connecting Community is an essential component of my work. In addition to this budding online community, I have been gathering groups in Cincinnati for years. 

There's a profound movement continually coming out in new forms through my Being, to be anchored into and held with wide, wise space: diverse practitioners/people uniting together from a mutual space beyond persona or personal ego will/agenda/desire. 

To Heal, to Relate, to Root Shared Values and to then Collaborate for a Higher Good of Community.

Some of the things I've co-created:

  • Lineage Healing Circle (2019) this is a small gathering of very intuitive beings utilizing their varying types of intuition to aid each individual through seemingly immovable blocks often related to ancestral lineage. 

  • Cincinnati Practitioner Meetup (January 2018) we gathered nearly 60 diverse and dynamic practitioners of all different vocations and had a successful check in about how we're each serving community. It was a big day (I felt) for our Cincy practitioner community's relations! 

  • Trauma resource meetup group (2018) a 6 month gathering of 15 people collecting and sharing trauma resources. Powerhouses.

  • Advanced Channel Meetup (2017-2018) Local channels of different sorts, able to come together, channel a bit and relate. Gorgeous group of powerful women!

  • Third Circle (2014-2015) a potent group of around 20 healers and practitioners meeting monthly to unveil our deeper purposes together...this initiative was so close to my heart, and perhaps never fully sequenced itself through...(I feel) These Beings were and still are some of Cincy's best Healers and Helpers. I love them all.

  • Women's Spiritual Group (2014) 

  • Postural Playshops, formerly called Embody your Essence (ongoing)

  • Small groups of like mindeds for collaboration purposes (ongoing)

  • passionately Referring people to their next best practitioner or activity (ongoing)

Welcome to the Connecting Community portal!


Through this portion of my website I invite you to connect with each other, experience relational healing, and learn about other supportive resources. 

When you step through the door you'll find a co-created work in progress. I will be building a comprehensive list of healing resources and local practitioners. We will have a forum where we can engage through writing and imagery. I'll continue to blog on this site. And I'll be creating video content to give both new and existing clients and community members more insight into the work we can do together. 

Please watch this brief video about why creating this community space is so close to my heart. 

When you are ready to join, please:

  1. Visit the Community Forum page

  2. Click the Sign Up button

  3. Click the "Sign Up" link after the phrase 'New to this site?'

  4. Choose how you'd like to sign up:

    1. with your Facebook credentials

    2. with your Google credentials

    3. with an email address

  5. Complete the on screen form and click the Sign Up button

  6. You will receive an email notification when your profile is active in the forum

If we have not yet met and worked together, please read more about my services or get in touch

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