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My goal is for my clients to feel safe enough in my presence to fully embody their own.

In my work there is no hierarchy. I do not know any more than you do and am not more expert than you are.

What I have is access to gateways in, sight of things that are invisible to others,

an insatiable, joyful curiosity that calls me to invite you to play.

 I am eager to connect with you, and work with you to fully Embody your presence, your Essence.

I am fortunate to work with Beings in many stages of life and need.

Below is a sampling of client experiences. Do you identify with any of these?

I'd love to explore whether my services are a match for your needs. 

If my services aren’t exactly what you’re seeking It is my joy and privilege to suggest another Cincinnati practitioner I trust.

I will continue to build my practitioner network here, near St. Charles, Illinois, to be able to refer you locally, as well.

My aim is to help you feel resonant as you walk your uniquely beautiful path.

The Girl and The Woman.jpg
The Woods-Awakening.jpg

Awakening Beings 

seeking understanding and integration

Creative Beings seeking guided or shared experiences of the universes within physical Body, energy Body, emotional Body, mental Body, and/or spiritual Body.

Spirited Treasure- collage, My ART TIFF.

Relationship Tangles - A being awakening while in a relationship with a person not yet awakening or a person in relationship with a being that is awakening. 

SelfLove MyART TIFF.jpg

Around the age of 60 

implications of second Saturn return and identity change

Sensitive Beings.jpg

Sensitive Beings trying to feel sane or make sense of their experience and/or trying to fit in and/or find where they authentically do. 

Swimming In It-My ART TIFF collage.jpg

Young adults 

who know they are more than human and just need a visit or resources to make it their own

People seeking embodiment, seeking understanding of their postural movement patterns, dipping their toes into "holistic health" and needing trusted guidance about where to start or how to create a healthcare team

The Shaman.jpg

Unexplainable physical pain 

after years of trying nothing or after years of trying everything 


needing validation and/or a mirror to help them self-align back to their own wisdom, or needing intuitive bodywork beyond concept

All imagery on this page is the original artwork of Pamela Mallory-Yeager.

Pam is a dear friend and was a Cincinnati community member. Her inspired artwork captures nearly seamlessly the multidimensional aspects that I experience. In other words, her artwork brings into the living world that which I sense, read and translate for clients and community. It is a great honor that she's allowed me to use this profound and skillful, unique and deep work! In an authentic act of community, she even created a new piece for the site called "People".


Please contact Pamela to learn more about purchasing her inspiring original artwork. 


Artist Statement: I am especially interested in spirituality, in dreamscapes, other worlds, and especially our inner worlds of our experiences, individually and collectively. 

In my work there are often other paintings beneath the one that gets to stay. And watercolor or pencil rejects get cut up and become a part of something else entirely. Through the process I enjoy being a conduit for seemingly unrelated parts to form a landscape, a "place" to experience, maybe even recognize ourselves in. It's an exploration that begins and evolves without any plan or concept, to hopefully let something meaningful to all of us come through. 

Pamela Mallory-Yeager is a working vocalist in the Cincinnati area. She often works with her husband, pianist, Wayne Yeager. They live in Montgomery, Ohio with their two dogs and lots of trees and flowers. Her favorite pastime is making art with her grandchildren. For more information about Pamela and her artwork, please visit her website at

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