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A Call for our ethics to include our larger reality

Navigating my Vocational Offerings can be intense, like a maze.

I will birth Her for sure, but in this environment, I’m unclear of her form. Multidimensionality is normal for me. It is not neurosis. It is liberation-especially the more we unwind any trauma out from its experience.

Obviously I also live in a body-mind, and have lived trauma and the hell-realms it can experience, firsthand.

I’m not merely a multidimensional energy worker, I am not entirely love and light-I also believe deeply in understanding our human physiology, trauma, and the tools to accept and balance both.

We are both.

But often, embodied multidimensionality puts every joy and evil into its already perfect place, and there’s nothing left to fight.

Some may call this a bypass, though I understand deeply how it is not.

(You cannot explain something to someone who is not timed or ready or to hear.) And that is fine. That is grace.

The systems we humans have created from these limited body-minds can be very quick to discredit a thing if it does not ring true to mass conscience (that determines our “ethics”) specifically in the realms of clinical psychotherapy.

Sometimes just having experienced what I have-even as I earnestly integrate it (without missing it's meaning) feels like its grounds for a witch hunt.

We’ve seen this play out so many times through history, and I see it weaves into our System today.

We anchor into story before sensing the whole scene, the system, it’s players, and what makes that system “work”.

We justify this smallness, this unwillingness to understand.

The insecurity of this society scares me, because it encourages outward blame, which keeps us on the witch hunt for anything outside of the known.

If you are an innovator, a seer, a channel-if you speak of healing dna with sound, or of entities that are a very real part of multidimensionality-even as you help people to change their vibration to remove such entities-you run a high risk of being judged, shunned, blamed, scapegoated, ostracized, or physically harmed.

Gosh, I know some Beings have mal intent.

I value that we each must discern what’s real for ourselves (that’s our cosmic birthright.)

But how did it come to be, and how does it continue to be, that we can’t even sense a clear Being who has access to true wisdom and light and aide from a Being with mal intent?

Why aren’t our sensory systems able to register this instantly?

And why do we collectively believe (through science and ethics) that we can, but that “the other is toxic, or the problem”.

This is not accurate sensing.

This is sensing from a nervous system that’s being influenced by unprocessed fear and trauma-it is not neutral or adaptive-so it certainly cannot be open to relational interaction.

We are so much more afraid of ourselves and of life than we realize.

We are all so, so afraid, and in sheer denial of this fear. That’s something for us to sense. What is this about?

I am here to serve.

I totally know In the safety and clarity of my own connection with Source and Mother what I am doing here, what I am bringing in.

It’s marvelous really. It’s super uplifting and integrative.

It’s pivotal to self connection and embodied sanity.

I feel Her (vocation) and maybe like a mother might worry that the world is too harsh for her baby still in utero,

I deeply fear the edges of others unexcavated fears & limitations,

cutting Her up before she can even be what She Is; She is a Salve.

Blame or judgement-especially by a group-can catch fire in a way that burns out true clarity or innovation, in exchange for staying safely tucked into the known.

I’m not willing to put Spirit into a mind-made box,


to diminish the body-mind senses for sake of a “more spiritually advanced way”.

Neither are full story, or remedy to wholeness.

We are where we are and who we are. And I’ve found the shared embodiment of multidimensionality and basic ego-physiology.

Both are important.

Both are actually VITAL, especially now.

But it seems we have a living System of a society that for the most part wants to deny itself from the third eye, on up. Which is to say, we’re willing to conceptually believe in a God, but largely unwilling to Sense into our own multidimension nature-even as it could be-it Is-the most appropriate companion for our ego here on Ground.

How can I practice the True Nature of this work and the aide that it is, when common professional ethics wants to slice it up and demand I license in “these things” in order to be qualified to do what I naturally, for lifetimes, already do unshakably well?

And those licensures would not launch me into my gifts, they would actually discredit and limit them. (But they're required of me anyways!)

Or, they’d have me forget this deep soul calling all together because it might “harm someone”.

I am always studying. Always remembering. Always spending money on certifications and advancements in learning. This devotion to truth is not enough for our ethical bodies-they’d prefer our submission under their rule. It worries me that we don’t fully see this. It worries me that we uphold ethics as law, but not devotion to truth.

And if our nervous systems could more clearly discern beyond our own braided in bias and trauma, we likely wouldn’t need to be suspect to goodness when the goodness is Clean.

We need to be revived of our accurate sensing.

We don’t want to harm. Of course.

But, often we are misunderstanding “rebound” or “retraumatization” or “flooding” through our logical, man-made lens, not through a multidimensional one.

We are not seeing the whole story on “harm”.


We did not incarnate here on this polarizing earth plane to be happy and rich and healthy ALL of the time.

We came for the contrast. (And yes we can learn to master even contrast.)

But our ethical systems lean towards a happiness-bias, an ego cut off from Soul.

Soul is not savior. It’s not perfectly harmonious.

There are levels of life that Soul interacts with that are dark.

Soul is not afraid of the Dark. Ego is.

And our ethics are ego-built, and so deeply reflect this fear-of-dark.

In our attempt to keep safe we have cut ourselves off from our true safety: The Soul (and its “perspective” on Life). In a way, (that’s also not the whole story)

We are half alive and in denial to our Truth.

I’m here to birth this Work.

The pathway is not yet clear.

Many professional ethical boundaries seem to be blocking its progression and people feel very seriously and defensively about the harm that can come if we’re not following this man-made letter of the law.

This is not to say I think we should not have ethics.

But our ethics have not included multidimensionality. And they need to. Otherwise, our ethics are potentially separating us from our True Nature and therefore true healing.

For example, and from (my) multidimensional view, “Rebounding” is a phase of healing where the feelings are “feeling themselves out”.

They cannot leave, often, without being released.

This can take a day or two.

We can teach clients this view, and, the tools to be with the feelings.

The gold is not in “preventing rebounding” from happening-we can not dictate to a body what it is divinely timed to release. Our mind is not mater if soul and her unfurling.

The gold is in understanding that we are not our emotions, and they can’t kill us. They move. But we do not.

This is invaluable information, and another reason that multidimensionality should be included in our ethical system.

Also, Karma matters.

Relational enmeshment matters.

False motivation of practitioner-and actually even of client-matters.

These are other unseen forces that we overlook, while lopping the heavy load of “responsibility” on the practitioners back-and we can sue them if they do not bear that load for both parties. This is deeply unbalanced on an energetic level.

I call for a wider ethical system.

One that considers these other facets of the practitioner-client dynamic.

The story is rarely the whole story.

An issue usually takes two.

It’s just not always easy or convenient to see so.

And why should the practitioners bear this responsibility burden when both beings are responsible for their own life path, their own karma?

No one can do our life path for us.

Further, Our body is the healer-not an outside other.

Why not teach our masses this? Otherwise, we’re encouraging people spending a LOT of time and money (and worry) that a practitioner can “heal them” when multidimensionally it just is not true.

If the client never changes the vibrational frequency from that which presents as the “problem” the healing won’t stick anyways.

Can we educate our “clients on this”? Can we educate our licensing bodies on this? Will they even hear?

I wonder when our shared ethics will include our larger reality?

When our ethics will function in the way they were intended to-to keep us safe.

Safety is not found in separation, in separating the mind from multidimensionality, the ego from it's soul.

Safety is about invulnerability through true understanding,

not about going small and seeking cover.

When will our ethics include and protect our wholeness?

Perhaps the issue is not about ethical codes as much as a need for us to collectively

be able to

calm our fear and nervous systems,

discern intuition from fantasy,

discern resonance from desire,

discern our souls path from our ego’s,

discern a persons motivation from their essence,

discern a persons alignment to their own self-or not,

discern a persons actions from their energetic intention.

As we can accurately, Energetically discern, we can earnestly and radically forgive.

We can finally put down the fight, the walls, the need to separate through judgement.

We can see, plainly and accurately, with an aware and flexible nervous system, and with an embodied and open heart.

This is what the Work can do.

It gifts others their OWN felt-sense of discernment, and the magical healing powers of their own body,

moving us each towards neutrality, harmony and true safety in Life.

Gosh, we need to be done feeling so deeply unsafe.

We need to be done creating our lives from running

from the realities

of our thoughts or emotions.

Thoughts and emotions are our intimates.

We can have harmonious relating with them with some basic training and continued relating.

We need to gain resilience in courage to embody, to self align and to begin to trust the potency of polarity.

We can learn to ride the waves.

We can collectively be done with the pain, and ride those waves of polarity.

Now, let’s see how my soul dances with these (seeming) ethical limitations as I continue to birth this Work!

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