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Are those preferences of ego, or soul?

Preference is not personal. Preference usually portends commitment; it’s hard to commit to something we don’t want to commit to.

What then, is want? Some say it is the spark of the soul, the reason we even incarnate. Others say that it is of ego, and that chasing it-though neat to play with manifesting through ego-plane-is ultimately not life-giving, or soul-enriching. Some say the soul always gains, even if the ego feels it is losing. Others fight from ego and justify the fighting, pointing to their soul.

So, are we speaking of soul preference, or ego preference? And how would we even know, since it’s the karma of our soul that essentially creates ego to “live through”? Isn’t ego already seeded with soul (purposes)? Or no? How do you know?

What are you committed to? What preference do these commitments stem from? Are those preferences of ego, or soul? How do you know?

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