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Business, Dads & Daughters, and relationships between multidimensional and human Beings.

I am a multidimensional being, who hears directly from Spirit and is being led on a rather unconventional, intuitive path-especially as it relates to my Vocational Offering and Business, Awakening Bodies Co.

My sweet & wise Dad is a self-identified “human” (very Libran in nature), an accountant, father, grandpa, and devoted husband who Really Values the action of “Fairness”.

He desires himself to be balanced, humble and fair with all of the people he relates with.

I have seen him Harness the Heck out of any quality of character in his field (my word, not his) that was not in alignment to those core values.

Dad’s company, GLM, Inc (Business Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Planning & Preparation, and Financial Business & Strategy Consulting) embodies these values (so Chicagoland if you’re needing those services, connect with Tom Gosche for a consult!)

As a natural extension of his libran and business-minded parentage,

Dad has often suggested to me ways of growing my practice (especially when I come to him at my wits end!)

He is a whiz.

He is patient. And articulate. He is wise and thorough, reasonable and kind.

He knows how to get people-especially small business owners-really anchored into the “why” of their goal, and provides practical steps towards achievement.

He believes in business, in small business. He holds the space for brighter vision after a bit of passion and elbow grease.

In this way, he is a doula to businesses, due to his sight of and enthusiasm for the freedom of will of their potentiality. (And nope, he likely would not know what ‘doula’ means. And, he’d be too humble to ever accept the compliment, anyways.)

He is also a born educator. He helps his clients to understand their money, and their responsibilities as a business owner, to the larger systems governing them.

In this way I relate to him. Half of my practice is educating people, on the complexity and multidimensionality of their field, and how to interact with and integrate it for a felt sense of Alignment.

The “real-world” business paradigm works wonderfully well for Dad. Time=Money.

I’ve beat my head against the wall for years, wondering why it doesn’t seem to work well with, or for, me! (I know all too well that time is a construct.)

You can imagine how strange it must be, to be standing there as a seasoned, effective, established Consultant and Elder, yet have none of your tried and true techniques work for your (unique) daughter!

(This is one piece of a complex relational karma, y’all!!)

Anyways, the more time we chatted about my business and my intuition and MY way of interfacing with Life, (at first) the more Dad resisted (me.)

But true to Dad’s values, he let my intensity widen his view (and his patience) and when extending them to me, Dad’s tried and true methods began to take new form.

This has been so validating and healing, I believe, for the both of us.

He deepens his listening as a practice to relate better with me.

I work hard to pause my automatic and old responses of abandonment, overwhelm, invalidation, deflation and a subtle or gross tantrum, and just be in the space behind all that patterning.

(I grew up feeling very gaslit and alone, whether or not this was anyone’s conscious intention. We merely pay our beliefs forward. They can land on others in numerous ways...)

We are earnestly working towards a clearer connection, both admitting that this relationship is not always easy, but agreeing that it is held Deeply in Love. We are very special to one another-the connection is there; there have just been MANY layers of karmic and confusing entanglement on top of it (according to my multidimensional view.) Easy doesn’t always mean best.

Its been an active and consistent choice for each of us to Love one another Well.

Now, I am utterly surprised and renewed, when he seems to create a new business strategy for me out of thin air, that matches MY resonance.

Albeit he is equally surprised when I remain calm and appreciative of his brilliant new ideas.

Dad turned 61 a few days ago.

I hold him so tenderly in my heart.

I’ve remembered him from past lifetimes and cherish his soul presence in my life.

I am in awe of his souls journey through time, and what he has made of himself in that time. (Nope, this is not his reality!) But, he does now acknowledge that it is real for me, without any notable recoil of confusion!

Dad took the wooded path, through his firm and early beliefs, towards what might be real for me. He stepped beyond that which defined him, in order to understand another.

I took the path back out of the trees, towards the open field, to see and relate to him, more closely as he sees and relates to himself.

These movements are not always easy.

What has fueled them-and perhaps not all others-is the resonance (the dharma) underneath.

As a multidimensional being, I've experienced, that the parents we pick are both a combo of our manifested karma and potentiality (in two) human forms, and, their own unfoldment, based on Their own karma and dharma.

I am aware that not all children grow up with the ability or destiny to face their deepest heartache (“inflicted by the parent”)

and not all parents can acknowledge with humility the heartache “they’ve caused” their children in order for that ancient wound to heal,

and not all pairs of humans relating can forgive, drop the story, feel the grief of unlived potentiality, and do the growth work necessary to see and relate to one another beyond their own limited view of reality.

But I am so grateful that this dharma does belong to me and my Dad.

I am so, profoundly grateful.

This connection fuels my vocation in more ways than one.

On ground, Dad is aiding my Business Growth and my personal development as a small business owner.

But in the multidimensional frame, our way of relating through the pain and towards the love, has unveiled to me many elusive cosmic 'secrets' of variances of soul contract and free will choice; it’s illuminated for me some serious multidimensional nuts and bolts of relating according to cosmic order, that open the landscape of potential guidance from me, for others facing relational confusion and pain. Wow.

Just the other day while listening to me explain the ethical line I walk everyday between offering energetic coaching that can pertain to the psyche, without actually taking on the responsibility (or license) of say, a mental health counselor, Dad really “got” my ongoing dilemma (and my deep integrity) as a practitioner.

He morphed his “way” into resonant brilliance again and told me to contemplate:

“this is a thing”. And “it’s a thing because”.


He “got” that my work does have a place in this world (“this is a thing”) but that it’s not necessarily for the average person, and so, I’d need to define it's reason for being to the public (“this is a thing because”).

So here we go:

My work is a thing:

You have a physical, emotional, psychic, relational or spiritual pain you’re not sure what to do with, but you sense it needs your attention in a way you perhaps are not yet cultivated on your own. You need an untangling partner to get you clear on your Own Answers, from the inside out.

Or, your intuition feels tangled with roadblocks, and confusion clouds and stalls your path.

My work is a thing because:

We are in a turning of the ages where Cosmic Timing is illuminating the stored pain and trauma of the Collective Body, giving us Mass Opportunity to “house clean” our multidimensional story, NOW. (To be happy, to connect to God/Source.)

Even as dad may not identify as a multidimensional being, he has learned to accept one, and even, advise her Well. This has been good for my heart, my grounding and my budding Business.

Even as I may not identify as (only) a human, I have learned to move through he pain of separation and into a world of more concrete “yes and no” for the sake of relating in this incarnation. I venture to guess that this has been good for Dad’s heart, his grounding, and even his established Business.

Blessings to my father and soul-friend

as he travels another year around the sun.

May he feel happy to get to be who he is-however he knows and desires himself to be.

Blessings to all fathers and daughters,

To all businesses that serve,

To relating of all kinds.

If it is your way,

let what’s in the way,

not be in the way,

of the Path between Hearts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I hope it brought with it some warmth, clarity and hope.

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