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Discerning what feels "Good"

Often, something feels Good, bc we’re leaning into an unconscious pattern of relieving tension from something that “doesn’t feel good”. 

And/but, this is not the same feeling of GOOD that comes from being able to stay centered-in self and with life-and make less erratic movement-for the betterment of All. 

This GOOD is actually Alignment, 

and, a growing resilience in less reactivity and more (brain-developing) responsiveness. 

This GOOD is not always comfortable, but the body feels aligned with being in that moment, somehow...(?!)

It’s a space beyond a cultural wiring “to do the right thing”, 

but a space before the cultural (Im)maturity to secure self’s comfort at all costs. 

Feel it? 

It’s a deeper, more truly secure place, of our alignment with, and interconnection within, Life. 

The first Good feeling has a feedback of intensity and personal safety or gratification. And while creating safe spaces is imperative in healing a traumatized polyvagal system, 

if leaned into as a scapegoat, 

can also keep us out of social adaptation and all of the biological benefits of relating, impairing our relationship development. 

Which Good do you naturally seek? 

Can you sense in your body the difference in feeling between the 2?

Enjoy the discernment experiment! 

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