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here I AM beneath

I marvel at these waves. Deja vu that returns me to when I first felt it-my ego doubted if I’d ever be here, now, But I am. Emotions, some days-thick or wicked-learning to watch them, sometimes embody them to help them sequence through. So much wisdom remains, when emotions are allowed to carve, shape, hollow us out. Old beliefs and doubts jolt to surface like knives trying to get OUT-evolution-or ascension-illuminates them like an archeological dig. Witnessing and writing or talking them “out” with clean and capable containers, removes them from body. They leave. They evaporate back into the Tao-they’re no longer of use, due to change in frequency of main energies in this field. I can’t take full ownership for this field-it existed LONG before Erin. I bow to it and learn from it-it is mighty, and still, comes to learn. How humbling.

Practicing good doses of stillness and nature and movement and nourishing food, all help the waves to effectively do what they do.

And here I AM beneath, untouched but deeply changed. This is the point. I marvel in awe, that this is the point; This Souls becoming. I bow to my ego for having the courage to face and claim and enhance my soul-what a grand love affair (when I let go of resistance.) I marvel at these waves of Life Being Life.

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