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In, not down

Are you hurting?

Support the adrenal glands. Drink lots of clean water. Go to nature-even if it means lying on the earth-even better-breathe her in. Feel her energy come into your cells. Ask her what she knows of your phase, and LISTEN.

Your ego is tired, not your soul-find the space within that isn’t tired-take the heroic journey-back to soul. From soul, all of life feels and looks different, even as ego experiences suffering. This identity shift can update the brain, nervous system can start mapping Soul, not just thoughts and emotional and their physical manifestations.

Too much energy has not been looked at for toooooo long. Body and soul are asking you to face them and come to know them intimately. Pause outward facing, outward craving.

Pause complaining-even though it feels like a natural release to do so.

Turn towards the inner body, the inner world. Sometimes, for many incarnations, we’ve avoided this movement.

Friends can’t hold this Space for you. Not even all professionals trained in trauma can hold this space for you. Invest your tiny bit of energy into praying to find, and finding, a being who has actually lived through this experience. Even better if they’re a trained professional. Better still if emotionally and spiritually integrated.

Sleep. But become aware of when sleep is a scapegoat. There is an energy of escapism pulling you down-this energy created this mess. There is an energy pulling you IN. That’s a healthy movement. Try to feel life holding you, She is. That’s a wonderful movement.

This phase is a gateway to extraordinary gnosis, if you let it take you in and show you why it’s arisen. In, not down.

Blessings on your way

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