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It takes every ounce of strength sometimes to put down that protective sword; find the pathway Home

What scares me, is that we cannot hear one another, through our fear. And worse, that we call our fear by other names. Lifetimes and lifetimes of layered experience, and adaptations and defenses to cover. Religion and spiritual concepts often used to justify.

We wear these layers in our bodies, we call some of these adaptations “self”...does our Collective Body even know how to Sense Truth any longer?

We are fighting shadows and calling ourselves light. Light doesn’t fight. It sees. It shines itself into the shadow, respectfully, carefully. Force has a vibration more akin to shadow than to light. Feel the vibration to know.

The fighting and warring are gross symptoms of these lifetimes of unresolved pain. But judgement, gaslighting, apathy and non attachment are it’s subtle forms. And we justify the heck out of them, because to go beneath them, might be to feel impossibly confusing and painful experiences and to try to integrate them into reality-a reality where the masses do not acknowledge or support this sort of self healing-our Collective Body cannot bear the seeing-but it can also no longer can bear not to see.

Where does the need to fight against or kill (even others statements or ideas), judgement, gaslighting, apathy and non attachment live in Your Body, in your communication style, in your thinking patterns? Pull those roots, and the fighting and warring comes out with it. Try to quell the fighting and warring and more fires ignite. The roots grow deeper in. When will we be done rooting fear?

I’m scared sometimes that we’re so deeply afraid, and in denial of that fear, and justifying the fighting-that we’ve lost our true calibration to harmony. To understanding. To seeing basic goodness. Gosh, and if we’ve lost that, we’re energetically ripping each other to shreds. Ripping this life to shreds.




Gently seek out your hot spots with sound counsel to feel what hurts underneath your fire. That fire will not protect you, it is cutting our world to shreds.

It takes every ounce of strength sometimes to put down that protective sword. This needs to be prerequisite for every grown adult-meaning-I think deep down it might be-we’ve just all sort of let one another get away with carrying these deep, gaping wounds, while we pretend not to see.

How can we not see the muscle tension? The physical pain? The splitting headache? The 50 extra pounds of weight harming the knees, the internal organs? The frowns? The limping?

This is suffering. Why are we all pretending not to see? And worse, why aren’t we utilizing our care for one another to bring a gentle sight to the suffering? Why do we act like it’s not there? This is insanity.

We can retrain our nervous systems,

We can unveil our abilities to sense and discern Without Judgement.

We can set Down our passive aggressiveness, our gossip, our bitter tone of voice, our desires to awaken others from a place of righteousness. Our indignance, lack of patience, lack of being kind.

We can put down our addictions to tv and media and food and gossip and sex.


When you set all of that down, what would you have to feel?

There’s the gold.

We are each on our own, in a way.

But there’s beauty that we’ve all been gifted the opportunity to do this inner work, alongside of one another. The more of us (safely) exploring and pulling the roots of pain and taking back our ability to experience and enjoy life neutrally, harmoniously-the faster it happens for all of us.

So many healers and light workers and practitioners are on this planet. So many guides and angels and helper realms and earth realms are present for us.

We are so held to do this work, separately, but alongside.

Are you earnestly feeling your hot spots everyday? In muscle tone? In voice pitch? In thought type? In emotional frequency? Are you seeing and nourishing the roots of those symptoms? How?

Do you have support for this kind of self healing? Do your friends and family also see the value and necessity of slowly untangling our pain? It can be very challenging if they do not. Try to route defensive energy into self healing.

Help is all around.

My prayer for all of us is that we can be restored in our ability to sense when Love is Strong Enough to look us in the eyes and say “I see pain”.

This is not self righteous. This is not invasive. This is caring. A form of love.

I pray that we can recalibrate to what caring feels like, and I pray that when we look someone in the eyes and say “I see pain” it is only from Care.

I pray for the restoration of care to be received, given-exchanged. This is not control. This is kindness. This is true compassion, and, the most beneficial aide.

See someone for the truth of who they are-the goodness and the pain-and you give them strength. See someone with judgement and pity and you take their strength-and their power to change. May we be careful with how we relate to other’s experiences. May we bless all Experiences for the lessons they being-may we shame nothing about this human experience. May we care, without caretaking. Not doing it for someone or judging them if they won’t.

Just, seeing, saying. Just receiving, and healing. There is safety in this.

I mostly pray for US ALL TO FEEL DEEPLY, unshakably, SAFE.

I pray that we remember that we ARE that space.

I pray us each pathways to find our way Home.

Namaste and Aho

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