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Just Notice

Sometimes all the doors seem closed-most avenues seem non-resonant.

It’s not that we’re in resistance, as much as time seems to slow down and limit us.

Sit in the center?

Watch the non resonance for a while, until you can see its frequency, without doing a thing to it-for it exists-it exists for reasons, for people, for good. And, it’s not your “way”.

Sense this open, calm space you sit in.

What is its frequency? It’s For You.

Like a vessel, able to move you on your way.

Like a train on its tracks or a yellow brick road-this frequency is below thought. Thought can even blot it out.

Be quiet for a while and just notice the vibrations around you.

At some natural moment, breath syncs with body, and movement occurs. Natural movement. Not from choice or will or thought (which are all lovely avenues to explore) but from a space that’s already in movement, a space that already belongs to you, as you belong to it. Seamless movement without outcome. Movement from trust of flow of life. Movement from confidence in your own felt-sense of frequencies.

What is it like to be moved from This Space?

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