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Let each Being Be. To heal.

If someone seizes up, tightens and raises their voice in their throat, takes on a defensive tone in your presence, turns subtlety away from you, be aware.

Their nervous system (from past lives, early traumas, attachment adaptations, later traumas, social conditioning, a current dysregulated polyvagal state) might be automatically and unconsciously sensing (some of those same things within your field) as a threat.

An important thing to remember in this moment might be that these defensive, physiological postures are (for the most part) unconscious to this other person.

And even if they are not unconscious, they are still automatic (happening automatically before any rational thought can even take place).

In this way, how someone reacts to us (is mostly) not even personal. It is physiological. (And also then, Sacred.)

And In this way, we are all the same; body reacts before mind.


Are you able to sense what they sense within you as a threat?

Are you able to sense if it’s something in the environment, and not you, or within their inner environment that they are actually (unconsciously, and automatically) reacting to?

We do this without saying it allowed.

We do this without invading their field with our sharp gaze.

We do this from an embodied (meaning, within the “boundary” of our own body), hearted way.

Usually this quality of embodied sight will also register with that Other’s automatic and unconscious body sense. Some call this coregulation.

This is powerful medicine.

We need not placate, sugar coat, leave our own body and awareness to “help or fix”, or even say a word,

to aide another Body in coming back to itself.

See. Breathe. Embody. Care.

It changes the field, even if slightly. Even if enough, for that being’s body (maybe not mind) to sense a safe boundary as We remain embodied near them.

Let each Being Be. To heal.

One interaction at a time.

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