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Life is redirecting our Mass Consciousness

A natural tendency of each of our egos is to make solid that which we find most comfortable (and uncomfortable, actually, but through resistance.) 

Right now, we are being shown that what’s solid (comfortable; parts of my persona, parts of their persona, financial portfolios, jobs, homes, availability of food or daily living products) isn’t actually solid.

These things, and Life, are fluid. 

She is returning to a former and future form, as a Teaching. 

It’s been my experience that when I’m not listening, when I’m not making conscious choices along with the deeper urgings of Life (I am merely a “Life-Will” that intrinsically knows it’s own movement/way/flow, underneath my beloved-or hated-ego) that life makes these choices For Me, 

because it Is Me. 

Life redirects us when our egos have gone rogue. (And they can, they do, and they will vehemently deny that they’re doing it.)

Collectively we’ve given most of our power to ego, not Life or Soul, 

but we’d have very little way of actually knowing it, unless a mass arising such as this, appeared. 

“When this is this, that is.

From the arising of this, comes the arising of that.

When this isn’t, that isn’t.

From the cessation of this, comes the cessation of that.” -The Buddha 

It is my sense that Life is redirecting our Mass Consciousness, as it has been going rogue for sometimes-not listening to or identifying with the greater Whole that it is. 

Not making choices then, for the greater whole that it is.

We are being redirected, and the discomfort is in 

the things-(we’ve)-made-solid, returning to their Natural fluid state. 

This is a form of death. 

Some beings have continued to live close to the Earth, and close to Life, and this death is merely a ceremonial phase, nothing more or less. 

They embraced cycles like this long ago, and continue to Let Life Change, as a daily practice. 

Some beings will deny this death, bc it’s too much for their physical system to understand. 

They’ve made their lives too solid (though likely, they relate to Life or other people having been the things to make them solid-or in pain.) COMPASSION here is KEY. For these beings that feel most safe in solidity (and some part of all of us do, as all is independent AND a reflection of every other thing.) 

Compassion is key here for the Beings that can see this in other beings. 

Either way, compassion. 

Some beings will welcome this death. They relate to having “come in for this”; a literal preparation from many lifetimes. 

The KEY here might be(?) to know our mission, and hold it loosely, 

as it (was likely) formed from a Body that was known to us once, 

and stored in ours, now, 

but may still be a level of ego-from a different time. 

If there is force here, if there is speed here in our mission (I’ve found, surprisingly) that this is ancient ego-feigning Soul, but taking different actions than Soul would. 

If this doesn’t land for you, it may not be for you, but if it does, it may help you to discern another layer of your own Maya (which you already know to be the liberation you seek) which is to say, you GET to peel that (more ancient) pattern of suffering from your system. 

I often see that passed lives come in to resolve, during a similar vibrational frequencied event as the former ego experienced. The old ways we “drive into mission”-which were forceful and aggressive (and however necessary then, may not be appropriate NOW.)

But our body believes then to be. 

Pause here and discern? 

It does not mean it’s you, exactly (though it feels very familiar) as much as, 

the drama of it (it will have speed and aggression and righteousness in both) that came in Now, to be DROPPED.

What does this mean? 

It’s like the old Buddhist teachings where a teacher denied, neglected and nearly abused the devotee (for the sole purpose of) driving all the devotees pain, resistance, injustice, betrayal, depressive, retaliation tendencies/feelings/pain

 UP to surface, 

to see that they are ALL Maya, 

and for the devotee to get so sick of the pain of these forms of relating to a thing, 

that they, through exasperation-but not a conscious understanding of how-DROP THEM. 

Drop all the patterns of ruminating in pain and harm, and paying them forward 

(And in this case, the ways our pain forms a solid thing that we turn into a “mission” and justify its morality, and launch at another solid thing...) 

this cycle must stop. 

I realize not everyone is on this path, but the ones who are, I trust you already know what I’m saying, 

and just needed an outside reminder, bc this culture does not work in this way, and we’re heavily inundated right now with feeling the cultural consciousness alongside our own...

for you that this is real for; This TOO (mass consciousness) is Maya for you to drop. (Get it?) 

If you relate to this as spiritual bypass, this part of the message is simply not for you; you’re working something different. I trust you to know what it is. 

Life is returning to a former and future form, as a teaching. 

What will you learn?

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