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Light desiring Life

We came in as Light desiring Life.

We came in clear, with Vision, and often a forgetting of that Sight.

We mirrored holding patterns and postures of our parents-even while in utero-that were born from their mirroring of their parent’s holding patterns and postures-that if we trace allllll the way “back”, are comprised of painful physical sensation, emotions, and thoughts;

constrictions to some part of Life.

Some call this Trauma.

We are rewarded for mirroring this Caregiver Posturing,

with whatever aspects of the caregiver’s inner parts that they have access to within themselves.

Nothing more.

Perhaps read that again.

If we embody an aspect of ourselves, or of life (even and often on a Soul Level)

this is unconsciously sensed,

but can often not be matched,

without a caregiver having had such experiences already conscious,

in their own being.

Further, Caretakers can unconsciously constrict their posture (voice tone, eyelids, fascia over heart, muscles responsible for sexual arousal) unconsciously,

As they sense

the variation


what they sense that their child can sense

and what they, themselves can.

Child can sense this caregiver constriction,

and layer on even more of their own

To stay connected

To caregiver

and their (available forms of) Love.

As this continues, we find ways of relating that allow for the least amount of constriction, in both.

This is all mostly all unconscious.

And so, We are set up limited,

And those layers of limitation

Are a perfect vibrational match

To the karma

of both caretaker,

And child-

The spaces we’re seeking to learn

Or heal

Or evolve out of-

There are no mistakes.

Unless the caregiver-and even the Soul of the child in other lifetimes-

have trained in some form of embodied self awareness-meaning-

they already have practices to sense constrictions in their body and Energy field the moment they arise, so as to not allow them to fascially harden

And further constrict their interaction with Life,

Their interaction with one another,

Their inner selves,

And with Life-

These limiting postures of interaction

Continue on.

Training in embodied, much less energetic self- awareness is obviously not a value of our culture (Yet).

And so, we often relate through constriction-

which is a limit in our taking in, and our giving out.

And we are mostly unaware at just how limited we actually are

In our awareness

And relating

With Life.

Our constrictions become solidified

And imbued with the energy of Self.

We misidentify our identity

As an ancient posture

Passed on.

We go largely disembodied, often feeling unseen or unheard,

experiencing unexplainable pockets of pain, sadness, hopeless, or the like, that make no “rational sense”.

We push this away.

We are attracted to mates that hold similar postures as our caregivers.

We walk right into that karma.

It’s not a punishment to repeat the limitation patterns; it is Life handing us Opportunity to sense the constrictions and begin to unwind them-

to unveil to ourselves,

our original Light desiring Life.

(This ends the ancestral posturing.)

This movement towards health, openness and availability to Life is subtlety and unconsciously socially discouraged; it rocks the boat of Many of our agreed upon ethics in relating. (From what shared constructions were these ethics first birthed?)

Any space in us that feels scared, will create a life to limit that fear.

There remains so much about our Soul, and collective Heritage

that our Shared Body is still holding deep constriction against...

I am Here to play my part in restoring The Light desiring Life in each pair of relationships.

Like me, there are hundreds and thousands of beings

teaching this subtle work of unveiling Love,

In many forms.

If you are ready to restore your connection with yourself, others, and Life

From the seat of your Soul (Light desiring Life)

Come find me. Let’s have a chat.

If I’m not a resonant match for your gentle and courageous unveiling, perhaps I can connect you with another practitioner-or even a book-that might be.

Who are you when you’re no longer your ancestral holding patterns and postures?

Are your relationships connecting from Pattern,


From Love?

How would your body Feel and Know the difference?

Blessings on your adventure

To ReUnite

With Yourself

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