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Love works for Life.

Love works for Life.

She plays an antagonist, to illuminate our ego’s neurosis and wounding-to allow us to release and/or integrate such “extra”. The extra was also antagonist (for Life.) It has it’s time, as does Love. Love leaves. And when She does, sometimes She stays with one, but leaves the other. The pain of that schism is a Great Teacher. Whether or not two choose to stay, or one chooses to go, Love’s Lessons merely repeat...The pain of that teaching is a portal, a gift, to understand Love, and Life, and Source, more fully.

Respect Timing, Love can’t be controlled! Her intelligence works for Life, and that is laughably larger than ego! (though keeps ego safely in mind.)

Love is also Source’s Sight of Another. And, of an aspect of Source’s Self. Love teaches then, the most encompassing understanding of how to Love Another, which is Pure Understanding & Allowance (free will, without regard to self-focused desires and attachments,) and at the same time, how loving other IS Loving the Self. And at the same time, how loving the Self IS Loving the other. If we love from ego, it is a different lesson, we may miss this Gain.

So Love is antagonist, for good, and is Great Sight that calibrates us to how to love self, and love other, follow Life, and follow Her. She chooses us. She embodies us. She transforms us. Or doesn’t-which is equally equitable according to Soul and Life.

This is how “Love Wins”.

Not because life turned out the way our ego needed it to in order to feel safe and okay and controlled. But because She is the more developed and robust offering, and guide.

She can break us to Life’s will-which is to say-she illuminates all the fear in our bodies, to free us from feeling and creating our lives from that Fear.

Fear, is an antagonist, too!

Life sends antagonists as guides and aides, that wobble us onto the Path of Truth.

Pain comes when we resist this wobble.

Liberation and gnosis is OF the path, if we surrender. *The Path is ALL OUR EGO WAS EVER TRYING TO EMULATE THROUGH SENSATE ANYWAYS.* Pain is often resistance to seeing as Soul and Source See. Love Is Guide. Follow Her?

Blessings on your Way

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