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Men, I am Ready

Men, I am ready to know you again. 

I am ready to put down my swords and projections and see you cleanly, clearly, for the work of art that you are. 

I’d like to know what you most love about yourself and why, the path that has arrived you here, your most treasured victories. I want to support you in the natural living & unfoldment of your life. 

I am sorry for blaming, judging, needing you to prove (knowing full well I’d never consent.) 

I am sorry for my manipulation, my immaturity around what was really happening for you, I am sorry for my fear. 

I forgive you for your fear, your unharnessed and poorly utilized Life Force. Your scapegoating the emotions of the feminine as the “problem”, so as to not have to be with your own. 

I understand chemically, physiologically, ancestrally, socially and karmically now, how and why these things happen. 

I’m choosing to believe that more men would like to understand about themselves, what I am seeking to understand about them now. 

I choose to believe in your goodness.

I choose to believe that men can and most earnestly desire to, embrace the multidimensional feminine for the strength that her generous and wise vulnerability IS. 

I would like to know more of you, brothers. I can earnestly be a friend to you now. 

Thank you for teaching me. 

Thank you to my self for accepting the brutal, humbling heart-opening learning, that is Love. 

May we start anew. 🦋

(Masculine and feminine are embodied energies, not biological gender, here.) 

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