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I pray that we can hear each other. That when we engage, we are equally ready and curious, to listen.

I pray that we know ourselves enough to know what are limits are-without judging them-but also-not imposing them onto others (I.e. projection.)

I pray we know ourselves well enough to know what our fears are-and develop the ability to let ourselves feel the blame, judgement, outrage, and go beneath it, and go beneath it-until we understand the layers to (any) experience held within us-and before we assume or respond to another (person) from the top most layer of the experience-we understand it’s whole profundity. That’s when we can forgive. And have compassion. And knowledge of what it is to be human.

I pray we can connect more multidimensionally-meaning-we learn to listen with our whole being-but first-we learn that form of listening by listening to ourselves.

I pray we stop holding up our pride as a model for what others should follow. Our journeys are rich and purposeful-they are worth sharing-but they are our own. If our pride keeps us in bitter disagreement and arrogance, perhaps the gem we think we’ve cultivated from experience needs a bit more polishing; we’ve more to explore about relating, vulnerability and trust of Life.

I pray we find safety within-each of us finding our own way down through the thoughts and emotions and physical sensation, into the Heart of who we are-and then allow that center to exhale out and embody the physical sensations, emotions and thoughts, bringing them up to speed with the moment.

I pray we feel our feelings-without becoming them, that we watch our thoughts as if to study their predictable shapes, and gently reclaim and nest within this body, that’s been neglected for far too long. I pray we find the inner sustenance that exists within each of us-our connection to “something more”, whatever that is for each.

I pray we surrender.

I pray we grieve.

I pray we reset back to whatever path is deeply our own-the path we know the God or Source or Life can also see-I pray we keep ourselves honest in regards to walking this path. That we take it as a privilege, and maybe even a bit of a responsibility-to walk it earnestly-without causing harm.

I pray we trust ourselves and our intuition. That we begin listening to nature, to animals, and to the hearts of the beings around us.

I pray we breathe very deeply and fully and rest as often as the body needs.

I pray we seek joy daily. Drink lots of fresh water daily. Hug someone daily.

Mostly, I pray that we each land within, on an inner resource that grants us clarity, direction, right action for our own path, and a sense of interconnectedness with all of life.

I deeply pray us the rejuvenation and deepening of Care.

Aho and Love-

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