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release our aversion to darkness

It is not the avoidance of, but the reconciliation with your pain & darkness that actually makes you trustworthy-to yourself-and to others. People can feel if someone is compartmentalized & modeling a moral concept VS in compassionate relationship with whatever arises within them. As we practice unconditional compassion within, it’s a natural extension without.

The model for a healthy person should be one where the demons have already come out of their closets-and a person has stayed engaged and reconciled them-and whatever others may naturally arise-back into integration-not one where we keep the demons inside the closets and deny that they’re there. Light illuminates dark. It is both purposeful and loving-not shaming. Light chasing more light is the very polarization it fails to prevent.

We must release our aversion to darkness in order to come into health-otherwise, health is just a concept we’re ever-chasing, and darkness remains the scapegoat whose real fruits we’ll never taste.

Taste is Truth.

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