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The Golden Heart Field

There is a space a few layers into the Heart Field made of “liquid” Gold. 

It connects to a timeline that is different from proving/productivity/separation/adrenaline. 

It unveils the “yellow brick road”; partially fated, but harmonizing, through movement, with All of Life. 

It is on a different plane of existence, and so, is operating on a different paradigm (set of beliefs that create it.) 

When embodying this Gold Space (some call this Christos or Christ Consciousness) we Become it; 

we are one with it, and our movement is Flow, 

for the betterment of humanity.

It is an agenda, a paradigm all it’s own. 

It is clean in it’s agenda.

it is not religion, though religion tries to capture (some) of it’s vibration with words. 

Endless paradigms exist alongside of, around, and within, one another. 

No one paradigm is an “end”,

Except to practice including 

as many paradigms 

as are seeming to present. 

This Flow, or “yellow brick road” is not obstructed, except for by human thought, which exists on a different plane, and in a different paradigm. 

So, if you’ve left the Gold/(Heart/Christos) you’ve simply, and Momentarily, identified with a different plane, or paradigm. 

This is not abnormal, 

because we are all, All. 

We have choice, however, to come back to the Gold. 

We all have choice, for now. 

Use choice well? 

The mind will worry again because it is sensing it is losing it’s agency over your organism. 

It’s sensing is intelligent 

and sort of correct, but, 

as we spend more time AS the Gold, the mind calms.

This has the benefit of actually calming the human nervous system-

Without human-made techniques.

The body may still need integration, 

Through its human-made techniques.

Splits within the self are real,

And however traumatic,

Are often about sensing 

A truth 

That I, am (merely) different paradigms. 

The awareness of this 

Integrates psychic and energetic trauma 

And then trauma is seen through a different lens/paradigm, 

As no longer the “problem to fix”

But the gateway to walk through. 

This is why human systems of healing 

Don’t always match 

Multidimensional systems of healing

And it is possible and real

That neither are fully bypassing 

In the way the other accuses...

They are operating 


On two different paradigms (sets of beliefs) 

This is all in Divine Order. 

So, by embodying a deeper aspect of ourselves, even on a different plane or paradigm, 

We are updating other parts of ourselves, 

even if existing on other planes or paradigms. How advantageous! 

The mind only freaks out in the interval of learning, 

between first sensing the Gold, 

and sensing how beneficial embodying and becoming the Gold is for the whole organism. 

That transitional phase cannot be defined by any timing 

and is a unique phase-road-pathway for each of us. 

(The idea that “You are your own guru” lives within this phase.) 

It can be like walking the plank blindfolded,

Until Bravery,

And your spiritual nervous system,

Sense what they belong To,

What they are made OF, 

Beyond the mind. 

We are on the other side of the plank. 

New paradigm. 

The Gold is also a space of protection from many forms of thought control, manipulation, group think implantations, negative and invisible agendas and entity takeover. 

If these happenings seem unreal to you,

You’re welcome to continue to believe they are unreal.

You are also welcome to consider that they too, happen on different planes, 

And in different paradigms,

And are still ever-connected 

With the fate of your organism,

And all of life. 

Widening our view/updating our paradigms of understanding, is eternal. 

There is no rush.

And, there is no true safety in denial.

There can be true safety in widening our view,

Learning to discern,

Learning to de-activate our own triggers-on physical and energetic levels,

And to gain resilience in this larger view/paradigm of life. 

Denial backs up our organism like constipation. 

It will be there for us to deal with eventually. (Some call this karma.) 

Awareness is both the detox, 

and the impending nourishment provided by the “Truth”. (Truth is a slippery word and is only a word; sense your own.) 

Embody the Gold? 

Once aware, choice has more weight. 

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