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What's Coming is Within Us!

There IS a space in you that’s completely aligned with all that’s happening. I wouldn’t say so if I hadn’t found it. It is the you that IS LIFE ITSELF. 

Do whatever you do to make yourself empty, and intend to be reunited with this space. 

Once there, you will Know how to relate to these happenings. It may be a Unique course of action or combination of actions that may not make rational sense-to you, and also, to others. The gateway is intuitive here, not rational. It’s not a time to be asking for friends advice. It is a time to cultivate your presence as the Knower (beyond thought.)

The reason for the happening is built into it. Go to the space that Wants This and you’ll know exactly how to proceed.

This is a new gateway into the Self and into being able to directly sense your inherent harming with Life. 

We’ll have to really get clear on our motivations for relating-being in such close quarters with our habitual actions.  We’ll have to begin to know the self. Suffering is then seen for what it is-it begins to erode our ego/armoring. This will feel very painful and almost unbearable-but it will be worth it to shed the skins. Much trauma and pain and persona patterns and our denial and resistance to them will surface.  We begin to reach towards spirit and nature, naturally, for light and grace and ease. We slowly, and with disenchantment, drop our reliance on and belief in outside authority.  We begin to see ourselves in all of our shadow and light-and humility comes online within. Much fighting then drops out, is naturally replaced by compassion. We become more attuned to the experience of being human, without using our habitual roles to separate us. Our hearts open. (Or close really, really tightly.)  We laugh more!!!  Bodies rest more. We realize there’s not a need for Bodyworkers, or energy worker from another-we can just begin working with our own body, moment to moment (food, breathe, movement) to feel Calm.  We will have more understanding of other humans, having faced and begun to harness and accept our own humanness. Sarcasm will fade.  Ego Patterns that seek attention/approval/outside love will fade. Intimacy with god and self and nature and others will come to the forefront and much materialism will drop out.

We’ll LAUGH at how armored we were!  The water will come clean. We will each know the exhale. The earth will come green! We will eagerly and gently await the arrival of animals coming closer to us, and we will learn from them-as teachers-instead of believing we are above or more intelligent then them. This will restore an aspect of nature that we can’t even forecast how healing it will be!  Our hearts will be restored to their full energetic functioning and this will change MUCH about all vibrations and sounds we interact with. Striving for some outside thing or other will be replaced by service to all-we will revel in our generosity of inner abundance.  It will be a Playland of (clean) pleasure and peace.  We will look back at the destruction and know that it was all being taken, to GIVE us this long-held-vision of hope that lives deep within Mama and Cosmos and each of us. This delivers us to balance with life. We begin creating, together, though whole, from a whole new space of ingenuity for longevity of our true health and happiness and enjoyment. You can have the dream. It’s likely that that dream matches your resonance; it IS you. But, maybe don’t go chasing the dream, and abandon The Heaven of This Moment.  Dreams are often invented when we can’t feel the Heaven within.  Maybe start there, before the dream is even dreamt. When Heaven is Felt, there’s not a need for dreams.

We all have a different way through. There are practices we can follow, but even the practice is not the Arrival, it is just a path towards it.  Give yourself permission to Allow your own path? This is the only place that self trust can begin.  It’s also when, and only then, we can truly allow others their paths, their self trust and their (hopeful, eventual) Arrival.   Arrival is a solo experience, though all of cosmos are there when one arrives! In this way there is no such thing as rejection.  There is just a movement of one closer to what they experience as themselves,  And away from an energy/energies they don’t perceive to be themselves or their path.  We move beyond rejection and abandonment when we allow another’s path to be as important for their journey, as ours is to our own.  Don’t we truly want Arrival for anyone who wants it?  The price may be a reorganization of what we knew. But in this, there is a another pathway, to True Love.  (Nope, not the romantic fairy tale kind, the Real Stuff, that simply Gives.) Trust yourself.  Trust them to trust themselves. Allow each, their comings and going’s; It is a way to move beyond all maya, & It is another practice on how to Arrive.  Bravery to trust yourself and your own, paved Way

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