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You Are Okay

Your path has merit. It doesn’t have to look like someone else’s. Your desires have merit, they do not necessarily have to align with some spiritual idea. Your wounding has merit-even if it hasn’t yet arrived; it gets us to where we are going. Harm has merit, for reasons Source understands. 

No one except you and Source know the complete beat of your Soul, and why the beat is necessary, for the interconnection of All. 

Trust your Path. Even if it’s scary. Even if it seems like something you didn’t ask for, or consciously plan. There is a still pool of knowing deep within your Being, that does. Seek that place-but first, you must put down your swords-they cannot enter that realm. 

We are likely only 10/ conscious of what we really are beyond this form; our paths and reasons for them are more infinite than our brain can compute. Make space for the Mystery. Life can’t arrive into our life if we already have it “all figured out”. 

Keep ears and hearts open for why “this” matters. Slow down the tendency to judge & resist. 

Open to a wider picture of your life, as one teenie slice, of All Life. 


There are underworlds, middleworlds and upper words. Different Beings are resonant with different percentages of each one-for purpose. 

Swap blame and criticism for understanding-it is a practice. 

Let’s retrain our brains to widen to a larger view-one that encompasses more of the realities of WHY harm happens, why it is needed, why it belongs. 

Then still yourself deeply for what we can actually do about it, now. 

We are of much bigger aide when we pause the pattern of blame. This is not easy. This is a practice. But through this practice, we start to really understand the human, and it’s soul, and it’s deeper purposes and necessity. This honors LIFE. Not just a chosen morality, or dogma or spiritual view-none of those are LIFE itself. 

Dark forces exist. We are all innocent. We all have patterns we could stand to evolve. We all have darkness we have not yet seen within ourselves-even if many around us have caught a glimpse. May we be humbled. 

We are more alike than different in the basic structuring of our souls, our bodies, or minds, and our paths-however unique. 

May we bow to all paths because without one, there would be none. All are needed. 

Make small changes in view, in heart, in the ability to understand. 

LIFE continues on with or without our understanding or permission. Resisting it’s flow is ultimately pointless.

You Belong to the Whole. And so do They. So do they. So do they. 

Claiming our space, helps us to sense theirs, helps us to be the Life we came to be. There is no all, without one. 

Bless your enemies. 

Seek to understand hardships. 

Truth is not held back from anyone; we are of it’s cloth. 

We must be receptive to Truth to receive it. Sometimes grief or time or pain are placeholders for this knowing. 

YOU ARE OKAY WHERE AND AS YOU ARE-even If it doesn’t Feel that way. 

Lean into Life sweetheart, and LISTEN. 

Even as storms happen, all IS WELL. 

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