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Your Right Path?

We all have different personalities, sense different things (down through lineage, ancestry, cultural norms, karma, desire for experience.) 

Can’t change the differences. And each difference sees a different reality. 

We have all of these realities that are unfolding in their right timing (not a concept-I’ve seen it in the field. Something has to be experienced before it begins to integrate. We start with concept and often believe its experience but nothing changes. Experience naturally changes us, our brain, our life. Trauma theory and somatics concur.) So then, we also can’t change timing. And perhaps shouldn’t. 

We’re supposed to have differences that generate different realities. 

We’re “on time” with our process. Ok.

And yet, there is still room for error.

Multidimensional energy workers and some astrologers say that sometimes a soul gives so much of itself away (towards “the negative”, we may say,) that it no longer is a soul-it has become a different entity, without redemption. (What we might call “evil.) 

(This is beyond, btw, any dogmatic conception of evil in the polarizing, judgmental way.) 

In a similar vein, Bert Hellinger (who read the field, but perhaps in a much more approachable, human way that married the right and left brain) even mentions he’s done research on people who “seem to be on the wrong track”:  “We’re free to do whatever we want, for example, to leave a relationship. Anyone is free to do that. But we’re not free to determine the consequences. The consequences are a result of the actions and that’s where our freedom ends.” 

He talks about if something Is “good for the soul”. 

He watched trends in family constellations (systems) for years, watching great aunties affair, play out in modern day nieces marriage; A double-shift, he calls this. 

“The feelings of rage that the mother should have had, and surely did have, her daughter had later. She let lose with her anger, but not against her father; she attacked her husband instead. There was a shift in the subject, from the mother to the daughter, and a shift in the object, from the father to the daughters husband. That’s a double shift.” 

This type of things defines a LOT of marriages and then, families. 

He says “love can only succeed when both partners have separated from their families of origin with love. If they are still carrying something from their original family, then that will brought into their present family and will affect and damage the relationship. In such case, both partners need to have patience and to avoid getting angry with each other. They have to recognize that the other is entangled in some way, and wait until it can be resolved. The waiting with love involves a sacrifice, but creates an atmosphere in which engagement can come to light and be resolved”. (Also very Buddhist.) he goes onto say “you aren’t waiting as a helper, but as a partner. That way, the other person is not humiliated. When a partner is helped too much, he or she can’t give enough in return to balance it, and the relationship will come to an end. But in respectful waiting, there is strength.” 

So we are purposefully different,

We are on time in our process,

And we have choice-that can effect the Soul/souls path/future relating & family. 

I’ve heard astrologers and channels talk about this being the “end of the free will experience”. It’s uncanny to me how I’ve somehow had access to that information...

All of these little pieces of deeply- considered Life...”which path is the right path?” 

I’m always walking with wonderment: 

how much “manifesting towards happiness” is really striving for comfort VS true evolution of our species? 

How much “feeling your feelings” is actually Unrooting centuries of karma for myself, family and others out of my, and the collective body VS creating deeper neural grooves for pain in the physical place, and larger astral baggage in the astral plane? 

How much of my day should I spend doing what genuinely calms my nervous system, so I may feel sane and be legitimately available to life VS when do my practices start to solidify into habits that actually make me less available to anything beyond my own pleasure/comfort? 

Fine lines, in deep places. 

Explore them? 

I find they illuminate my Right Path. 

“Who are we NOW”?  The more I remember/my light comes online, the more I realize how truly brainwashed we are into thinking that the things that REALLY heal our body (Light frequencies, Sound Frequencies, Clean Energy, Sunlight, Color frequencies, Clean & Green Foods, meditation) “are woo-woo”.  Even being in this holistic field for over 12 years I secretly, and in a compartmentalized way-believed most of it was woo-woo.  These were my conditioned parts urging me not to move forward towards healing-truth-remembrance.  In me experience, our Being has to penetrate through these limiting beliefs, on to the other side,  where Truth Lives, if we’re to ever be free. The “problem” is that our buy-in to the limiting beliefs is so deep,  has been for centuries,  and is reinforced by the culture of our collective. In some ways, to penetrate through a belief, you not only have to slowly entangle your own life force and identity from it (which can truly feel like a death of self) but THEN  we naturally begin to penetrate through the mass buy-in to the belief.  This take a LOT of energy; leaving any mass-buy-in belief (meant to keep us away from Truth) is so tricky, bc it is made of a (convenient-for-controllers)  density, and built-in stickiness of “defying the masses”.  There are SO many historically known ramifications for “leaving the pack”.  To penetrate one little belief, often then is to challenge mass-belief, So All that fear of threat of leaving the pack, As well as, for many, a felt sense of “separation”, gets reignited within us,  to challenge a simple belief.  Separation is a mass-buy-in-belief.  It’s works best as the cage that it Is.   That is a LOT to penetrate through.  So most of us keep our personas that are rather of a solid and stagnant, but socially acceptable pattern,  but hoard in our private, inner chambers our very real mystical experiences, epiphanies or experiences of Truth. To enter into Truth would be to enter into a LOT of death at once.  And defiance. And separation. Plus, as penetrating through beliefs really can feel like death,  we are also collectively terrified to “die”. Life is Revealing, Now.  It will All be Truth one day.  Whatever we are being asked to transcend (part of self, belief, partner, home, pattern) is not for our higher good, or the higher good of those around us. It is ready to die. Like leaves in fall.  We’ve given our “faith” to our personal sense of attachments, instead of to a larger Intelligence that interconnects and therefore cares for and replenishes All.  In this age, and the ones recently passed, we were kind of “supposed to” but into personal attachment.  But Now, Now is the time to begin looking beyond personal comforts and attachments,  to stare up into the sky,  or down into the Earth and ask:  What is my part in this interconnected unfolding?  Who am I beyond my attachments? What does Life want me to know, to remember and to Be?  We Are Being LED. That current that moves us; that’s a great space to meditate on.  Your answers (that are ALL of our answers) live There. In This age; the archetype of the Individualist works for the Greatest Good (not just for their own.)  Many archetypes are changing form To accommodate this change of Age.  The movement of Truth Does bring endings. But only to deliver to purposeful and potent beginnings. Ultimately, the movement of Truth is, for the benefit of All.  Any fear of this is only belief.  And belief is not YOU.  You are Being led to your felt-sense of remembering

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