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Your Whole Self Awaits

Processes can’t be rushed. They are on time, only we (ego) is not. 

Even in the underworld there are gifts to gain. Surrender with grace and curiosity. 

The parts that resist are the parts that must surrender, and they will transform. 

The pain is not forever. Brains and bodies heal. 

All phases make sense as part of the whole, eventually. 

There’s more juice in being with what is, 

and this allowance slowly and naturally arrives us 

to a new level of living, 

where we can move from surrender into cocreation-

moving from a clearer unconscious,

reprogramming our subconscious, 

and aligning with LIFE. 

but we must first learn surrender, flow, and the proper function and integration of ego. 

Life opens. Gets LIBERATED.

More of the Self is remembered and owned. 

This makes life feel less threatening and much more fun.

We start to have and be what our scared parts never thought they could-because they hadn’t yet surrendered to be transformed 

into the resonance of what we now have/are. 

Healing is a gift and happens naturally 

If we don’t resist it’s pain. 

Be where you are. 

Your whole Self awaits. 

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